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  1. Amfiketo

    Garbage horde

    Naah, won't really help. You'll have the same shit BGs where you log and it's over in 3-4 mins with result 2000/0. It's true that you'll farm honor easily but why the fuck would I need PvP gear if there are no BGs to use it at. Right now ally char can steamroll BGs naked. :)
  2. Amfiketo

    Garbage horde

    Yesterday got to 60, went to Ogrimmar --> 29 mins wating for AB --> Hordes in BG chat spam: "All stay at farm and we might get a kill" lol..--> Everyone really do it.. lol GG :) not logging again anymore except at weekends maybe :D
  3. Amfiketo

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    @Nosleep would it be bannable if you have taken the gold and report it to GM right away to check if it's legit? I ask because I would do that and want to know if it is a bad idea.
  4. Amfiketo

    NINJA - Coragon (Paladin)

    You need it, to sell it - that's the definition of greed, that's why you choose the option "Greed". That paladin pulled a d*ck move. If the game was designed according to your logic, there would be only two options and they would be called: "Roll" and "Pass", so the players wouldn't have the option to choose between "Need" and "Greed". It's up to us as community to punish such a behavior if we don't support it (like me). That's what i would like to spread. The KoS addons are really helpful and the more people use them, the bigger impact they will have. For example: if i ever have the option to f*ck up that toon (i'm horde), i will do it.
  5. Amfiketo

    NINJA - Coragon (Paladin)

    My opinion is that people who f*ck up they comrades (the other group members) by using the "Need" option being before "Greed" are douches. From all i've seen around in the forum, you think they did nothing wrong. That's how i built up my opinion of you, 'cause according to your words, you obvoiusly act like them. You should realize that such a greedy behavior can't be benefical for the community in any way. Approving it can't be benefical either. But in the end we all choose how to act. I wish you all the parties you get to be with people who think your way. Also I wish the same for me.
  6. Amfiketo

    NINJA - Coragon (Paladin)

    Acting like a douche is usually profitable only in short-term (unless you are surrounded by masochists). :) Some people don't understand in their entire life that being short-sighted is not worth it. The only benefit for them having such mentality is they probably can't realize it at all. That's like being stupid/dead, it's not hard for you, it's hard for those around you..
  7. Amfiketo

    NINJA - Coragon (Paladin)

    @Oakenlix 4 out of 5 people in the group (in other words 80%) think differently. I like that everyone can have their own opinion. Mine is that people with your way of thinking are cancer in game as in real life. But hey, it's a free world, that's why there are KoS list after all. If you can't be above things in a game i imagine what kind of person you should be IRL.
  8. Amfiketo

    The Devilsaur monopoly.

    Don't understand all the drama you spill out in forums. We are talking about devilsaur leather from which you make 2 (two) items for exactly 3 classes (Rogue, Hunter and Warrior) out of 8 eight classes. We exclude Arms and Protection warriors and people who need them become even less. They are pre-BiS? Who gives a F*CK?? On Elysium Ragnaros was slain in 1 week with less then 40 people with green gear. Those 2 items won't make you suck less if you already do. You want to fight the mafia? Use 2 other items instead and don't feed them your gold through the AH. Let 'em waste their time farming it, why do you care? If nobody buys, it they'll be the f*cked ones.
  9. Amfiketo

    NINJA - Coragon (Paladin)

    What is easily avoided?
  10. Amfiketo

    Mind Flay only ticking 2x instead of 3x?

    Same here. I don't use any macros or addons. My Mind Flay quite often ticks 2 times insted of 3. Happens even when PW:S and Martyrdom are active, so it has nothing to do with damage. If there is a bug report we should up-vote it. I'll play shadow priest for 6-7 more lvls, so it's not a big deal for me but that sucks since it's important spell for shadow priests.
  11. Amfiketo

    NINJA - Coragon (Paladin)

    Just a friendly reminder. If you are horde, put him in you KoS (Kill on sight) list. I never ever backstab or camp people in open world but will always make an exception for a ninja :) Remember, ninjas are on both sides, help us punish them.
  12. I downloaded an addon for KoS list. I gotta say i really like it. Ninjas from forum? Put em in.. (from both factions, if i see an ally ninja i gladly gank them as ugly as possible:)) Someone from the other faction ganks you at 20% hp while finghting a mob? Put em in.. you never know in what sitiation you are gona see him somewhere in the world. You don't want to forget his name and pass him by right? Someone from the opposite faction acted honorably? Put him in the green list.. good actions must be remembered. I wouldn't want to fuck him up some other time because i forgot his name. Douche moves also shouldn't be forgotten.
  13. Amfiketo

    If they try to gank u..

    Hahhahaha, what losers.. Nice fight.
  14. I gotta say I really like this thread. When I have free time at work I browse it along the other threads and put some of the names in my ignore list. Worked for me 3 times so far and saved me from potential problems. Everyone have their own perception of what "ninja" is, so each and everyone of us is free to fill his ignore list with people according to his understanding. P.S. All the people shouting around that 10% of the player base read forums, and 5% of them read this thread might be right, but as I said, it works for me so far. Who knows, if it wasn't my ignore list, the guy that did ninja you, would have been in my party ninjaing me :D Btw, i'm planing to use addon like VanasKoS that makes KoS, Hate and Nice lists? I'll try it these days and put ninjas in hate list.
  15. Amfiketo

    BG wintrade Anathema

    All your comments sound logical to me. I wonder why did they got banned..