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  1. Drehar

    Wrath of Cenarious

    OH no I'm sorry to hear this didn't turn out so good.
  2. Drehar

    Kudo to SoR Fix soon!

    Looks good I'm excited!
  3. Drehar

    What class?

    Dwarf Priest all day every day.
  4. Drehar

    Herb Respawn Changes

    I'm excited to craft mana and health potions again! Before the 6g worth of dream foil to make mana and health pots was not worth it. If the price of dreamfoil drops I can craft these. The cost of dreamfoil made other herbs that use it garbage.
  5. Make all the gold! Step 1. Create a character on Zeth Kur Step 2. Farm all the herbs Step 3. Wait Step 4. Transfer Profit!
  6. Anathema isn't 2.5 times the population of Vanilla realms any more. Live IIRC had around 3k people per server, Anathema gets up to 4k
  7. Herb Nodes in the world Yield a Static number of herbs per hour. Considering each herb zone is camped 24/7. DM East also contributes herbs per hour relative to the number of people farming it which is variable. The total Herb Yeild on the server is Nodes+DME farming, If you Nerf DME farming gains (Both Herbs and Gold drops) Less people will farm it due to it being less profitable. So that in it self has a slight snowball effect. We now have Nodes + DME - DMENerfs. Since DMENerfs is not 0 your total herb production is going to be Less. We could add a + to the Herb equation to cancel out the -DMENerfs. Nodes + DME - DMENerfs + DMWBuffs. It doesn't have to be a DMW buff I'm just saying maybe we can consider balancing the equation if we are going to put in a negative value. As for Dynamic spawns The server is Top heavy now. Most of the people that started fresh with new Elysium servers ~(December 17th) are now 60. The ratio of people leveling in Herbing zones is Less then then it was before and the number of people in those zones Farming Herbs is about the same. This could push the Dynamic Spawns to SUB Live like numbers if the code wasn't made correctly.
  8. The Dynamic spawn rate is worth looking into. It might have been good for the 10k population the server once had. Has the dynamic herb spawning caused re-spawn timers to drop below normal rates due to there being NO one in those zones? It isn't just Herbs, I've seen Arcane Crystal increase as well. Suggestion: Check the math on Dynamic spawns make sure Herb spawn rate is (Dynamic) >or= (Normal) when there is 1 person in the zone and 1,000. If the math is off having 10 people in a zone could cause Herb spawns to drop below normal rates. due to the increase in Arcane Crystal as well I would guess this might be the case. If you are going to Nerf a Farm 1 place like DM east (We all agree is probably OP) you should buff a farm some where else. Make Mobs in DM west have a chance to drop herbs.
  9. Drehar

    Wrath of Cenarious

    If this ring procs off of Seal attacks it might just save Paladins as DPS classes even if its a bug.
  10. Drehar

    Wrath of Cenarious

    Hello Paladins, I wanted to talk about this item http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=21190#wh-comments This ring looks like it might be Amazing for Prot/shockadins/Ret Paladins. Does any one know if this can proc off of Seal of Righteousness, and Judgement of Righteousness? People say 5% proc chance, With a 1.5 attack speed weapon (Flurry Axe) and that the buff would last for 10 seconds. Would Consecrate proc the buff?? Would the Spell proc on weapons cause this to proc also? Things like Fiery, Lifestealing, (Badlands Fire aoe proc) For a prot paladin with "Holy Shield, Consecrate, Seal of Rightous, spell procs" I would say this has to be in the realm of 100% up time.
  11. Drehar

    Fear dropping aggro

    Thank you for the clarification. Did this apply to all fears? Onyxia / Nef included? I played Horde and we had Tremor totem, so its not like our tanks were unfearable. Maybe it just didn't seem like that big of an issue because the fear would only last for 1-2 seconds before the totem would kickin and wipe the fear.
  12. I just looked through the Bug reports and I haven't seen anything about Fear dropping aggro. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure on Live Fear did NOT drop aggro, I remember the biggest threats being when the tank got feared he would run into other melee getting them all 1 shot cleaved, and taking crushing blows while facing away from the boss. I could be wrong about this, it was 10 years ago. Does any one else memory serve them better? My experience is from Raiding End game content at progression cap on Live. MC/Onyxia Clears before BWL, BWL clears before AQ ect.. There is a possibility that fear changed at some point after patch 1.11, I didn't play much Vanilla at that point.
  13. Drehar

    +7 damage on chest item

    BiS Rogue Tunic till 60!
  14. Drehar

    If you could choose one thing...

    I played horde on live. I really don't know much about Blizzard Paladins Vanilla paladins. I don't have much to say to this other then, "Non-Blizlike" changes.
  15. Drehar

    Loot Quality

    When I first started playing the Demonshear was a 2.3 speed 2h weapon 99 -149 damage with the same proc. I deleted my WDB folder 3 weeks ago and it became this http://db.vanillagaming.org/?item=13348 . Yesterday I deleted my WDB folder again and now its back to the original 2.3 speed 2h weapon 99 -149 damage with the same proc.