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  1. kegboy

    Seal of righteousness double proccing judgements

    i dont thing weapon enchants scale with spell power
  2. kegboy

    Herb Respawn Changes

    currently you can make a flask for less then 100g i would say thats pretty fair for such a major buff
  3. kegboy

    Herb Respawn Changes

    lol 20g black lotus u gotta be kidding me. flask shouldnt be free
  4. you dont need to say blizzlike or vanilla like if something isnt working right
  5. kegboy

    Increased herbs

    on anathema the spawns are crazy fast now
  6. kegboy

    Ret Paladins CAN DPS!

    you could make a rogue with no talent points and do that you just did in that video
  7. well when other hype fresh servers come out i bet this will outlast elysium
  8. kegboy

    What class?

    yea so skill just do chain lightning bolt chain lightning and earth shock this is the hardest combo in the game
  9. kegboy

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    i had a dream where i was using luna raid frames and it had 40 yard range
  10. ofc a cocky warrior who only thinks he can ever be right
  11. na im not. you are just a biased warrior who wants to be op ofc and doesnt know facts from fiction. maybe im wrong but i think maybe you might be wrong too. through out the patches various abilities lost their proc from a proc ability such as windfury. hes them talking about it for sword spec in 1.12 http://blue.cardplace.com/cache/wow-customer-service/87906.htm
  12. this is why you should read the date the topic was posted
  13. they changed it so procs do not proc itself in retail pre tbc http://wow.gamepedia.com/Patch_1.9.0 On-next-swing abilities will no longer cause multiple weapon procs on a single swing even before this they nerfed windfury to no longer trigger itself
  14. kegboy

    Multiboxing questions

    most people have not read the rules in a long time since nostalrius and just assume its the same. you can call them idiots and say its a useless post but its a fact that everyone does this. you think your cool its funny but your not cool at all