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  1. NoGnomo


    thx man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. NoGnomo

    [AddOn] aux and more

    thx. however I need to have it like that to be able to see more than 2 windows at same time, if u know what i mean (i dont want them to close when I open another one that goes in the same "place"
  3. NoGnomo

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    have u read the definition of CASUAL?
  4. NoGnomo

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    1) remove the only fun in the game that is premade vs premade 2) lol 3) lolol 4) lololooooollolo 5)lololooooooollololoo you are playing a vanilal server, go wotlk or something casual omg OR BETTER JUST LISTEN TO THIS GUY AND MAKE A FUNSERVER WHO CARES ANYMORE /crYyyyyyyyyyyyYyyyyyyyyyyYyyyyyyyyyyyYyyyyYyy PS: add paladins to horde
  5. NoGnomo

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    fucking casuals im gonna puke let only the r14 speaks pls go get ur r10s meanwhile u plebs
  6. NoGnomo

    PvP Scene Community Feedback

    BRING BACK queue both AB+WSG at same time AND change to the other if Queue POP u listened to casuals (nostalrius did) that cried about premades blablabla guess what casuals are already casuals but hardcore ppl stopped playing because of that shit so there u go nobody plays
  7. NoGnomo

    Do you see it?

    can u explain what happens
  8. NoGnomo

    Final Pvp Update

    holy shit can i pee my pants already!?
  9. NoGnomo

    Do you see it?

  10. NoGnomo

    Final Pvp Update

    10 Promises Elysiums Devs Did That Never Happened. R14's Hates Them! Read more
  11. NoGnomo

    MC Math

    what does WD mean??