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    gilde ita

    Si, la parte onesta sarebbe però quella che ha creato light's hope... non certo qui EP. Ogni tanto loggo su LH, ma vorrei un realm fresh a questo punto. Va bene separarsi dai corrotti, ma mantenere gli stessi realm pieni di goldsellers, pg generati al 60 e gear venduto dai GM fa un po' schifo. Inoltre, ho l'impressione che l'annuncio di wow classic abbia tolto la voglia di fare progetti a lungo termine per LH ( e quindi lavorare su tbc e Fix vari) perché la loro idea è di chiudere i battenti non appena Blizzard apre il suo vanilla. Al contrario Nighthaven ha progetti a lungo termine e non pianifica di chiudere. Ma ripeto, su EP ho sempre il timore che qualche admin venda la mie credenziali a qualche giocatore pagante. Il meno peggio è LH, secondo me.
  3. Fladrif


    If you've witnessed Elysium's first weeks or even Zeth'Kur's, you'll know why there are concerns. On my part, I would gladly join this realm but I want to secure my account with a 2FA first.
  4. Fladrif

    gilde ita

    C'è un bel casino. E' saltato fuori che l'amministrazione di ELysium era stra-corrotta con gente che prelevava soldi destinati a finanziare i server per farsi i cazzi suoi, vendita di gold, creazione di pg insta-60, gears... così una fetta dello staff ha creato un altro progetto, Light's hope che ha assimilato l'89% dei giocatori nativi di elysium e gli stessi realms anathema, elysium e darrowshire. Qui su EP nativo è rimasta molta meno gente... e molti di quelli rimasti non sanno nemmeno che esiste LH o quello che è successo. Comunque stanno facendo un merge dei vecchi realm che prende alcuni giorni. E al contempo hanno aperto un realm fresh. Io ci giocherei anche ... però con questa gente ho paura che fanno sparire l'account da un giorno all'altro per venderlo a qualcuno. Per non parlare dell'annuncio di WoW classic....
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    When I find the way to setup a 2FA to protect my account, I'll join this realm.
  6. Fladrif

    Can't find 2FA options

    Hello, how to set up a 2FA to protect my account?
  7. Fladrif

    Why does no one play AB?

    When the realm was younger, it was common to insta-join any BGs any time.
  8. Although players are generally happy with this announcement, I feel that to make all realms PTE (like Crestfall which -at this point- becomes the "fresh start" thing) could easily generate the conditions for people to join the single most populated server... since they're all about the same patch and progress. Why not turn Anathema into a TBC without the copy-chars option and then say 1) Elysium -》vanilla 4ever; 2) Anathema -》TBC forever and 3) Crestfall PTE . /discuss
  9. So... Anathema and Elysium become improved PTE realms where you get to progress through expansions and to keep your level 60 chars at the same time.
  10. Fladrif


    Those who will experience a Vanilla server aren't prone to roll on a old one for a number of reasons: over-farmed server with too many gold and mats extracted; not enough people to play with in lower tiers; since it's a PvP realm, the average player strives to be competitive in terms of gear: if your epics are as common as fresh water because everyone has been level 60 for 5 months+, you can't work on that. That's why people don't roll on Anathema and that's why population is declining. We have to deal with the fact that a realm can't go on forever: wow economy cannot self-balance itself and there'll come a point when the average level of players is 60. That would be a progression of an existing realm and it's fine because some people have the opinion that "everything but endgame sucks" (which is the same mindset which produced Legion where you reach end-game in hours). But unfortunately, insta-60 vanilla realms weren't that lucky in terms of population. Also, insta-70 wotlk realms have pop-numbers that we would call here "insignificant". On the other hand, fresh starts have always been much more appreciated by the vast majority of players for: fresh economy: you can buy mats and gear for reasonable prices and actively impact the economy; the feeling of a living world: population distributed in all tiers; rare items being "rare" for real and epic items giving an uncanny advantage; See Felmyst and others. Many players consider leveling to be as entertaining as end-game content when they have the opportunity to interact with a multitude of players and get the feeling of a "living world". Therefore I would suggest to follow an order of priorities: open a fresh TBC and let it run for 3/ 4 months as the sole TBC option: it will attract the thousands of new players who joined felmyst in the first place. Also, old vanilla players who want a fresh TBC start will play there. after 3/4 months, if old realms population doesn't grow (aka new players don't want to "vanilla" in those old things) upgrade them to TBC. check if there's a strong enough demand for a fresh vanilla and eventually open a new one.
  11. Fladrif

    How to make vanilla better

    Yes, but the community of players doesn't allow Paladins/Druids/Shamans to play as hybrids in dungeons and raids. The concept of "support" class is too difficult to understand for too many.
  12. Fladrif

    After Vanilla

    Don't you think that the thousands of players who showed up on the Felmyst realm will play a fresh TBC here regardless of what some Anathema/Elysium players will do?
  13. Fladrif

    How to make vanilla better

    Imho, there's a precise "formula" which makes vanilla so fun to play and even better than later expansions, but people aren't clear about what it really is... so they just want it as blizzlike as possible just to make sure that everything is right.
  14. Fladrif


    @Undertanker Realmplayer sucks