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  1. Xena

    Hello I'm Duks!

    Welcome Duks! If you want to hear another massive bug that's been going on for at least 2 months it's the leader in raids and parties being messed up as well as group members being invisible to others in instances. I can understand it's not going to be easy to fix cause it's a lot of stuff combined. It's been posted on the bug tracker too but to give a few extra scenarios of the bug: You're the party leader, you go into an instance and people are already in there before you, you're not the party leader anymore. Even if it says so in the UI, its like different for everyone. The actual party leader can pass on the lead and then its fixed. But EVERY damn time the group goes in and out the instance the leader gets switched around. In raids it's even worse if you're the raid leader. You wiped and get out of the instance, and you can't even use the chat anymore cause you were supposedly the raid leader and you talk with the raid leader chat color, but the bug gave someone else lead, making you unable to chat AT ALL with the raid until the actual raid leader gives you the lead back. Frustrating as fuck. Anyway good luck!
  2. No, you don't understand. If you made a group with 6 and queue up the rest gets filled by puggers, but you only face another team that also has a 6man premade or bigger. If you queue up as 4 you're in the pugged queue and can meet any other team in the pugged queue, like a full pugged team, or a team with a 2 man premade, or a 3 man etc. And you don't have to "git gud" to join premades. That's the whole point, they don't do anything. The opposing faction realizes its a premade, they give up, you win. All you have to do is be online and stick to the google spreadsheet. I'm in one myself, I just want competition. But i guess competitive pvp in vanilla is a joke and like i said, this forum is just full of 1500 rated cancerous trolls that never did anything productive towards anything in their life.
  3. Hey guys, sup. If you've been grinding your ass to grand marshal in a premade on alliance side you know how boring it is. You 5 base the enemy pug team and done. You follow this google spreadsheet to make brackets so you don't have to grind too much and don't have any competition. Eventhough it's all blizzlike and back in the old days it was technically possible, it's not really a vanilla feeling at all, let alone a true pvp experience. You queue up solo as horde, get rekt by an alliance premade. You queue up as horde premade, you have super long queues. You queue up solo as alliance, you get rekt cause alliance sucks and the only decent players are in one of the premades. Sooooo easy solution: make premades only face premades, they did this on Nostalrius for months. No idea why they stopped it but it was a lot of fun. You queue up as a premade you actually have to do something to win and not /afk and 5base them. Hell you're not even fighting the horde if it's not a premade, you're fighting time and looking at your goddamn google spreadsheet. And then the puggers will only face pug groups as well. To make it clear I guess a premade is considered a premade when its over 5 people, so 6-7-8-9-10 would get queued in the "premade queue" and 5 or lower get queued in the "pug queue". The only problem I can think of is not enough players in general to make both queues not too long. But at least it's more fair for everyone. Any ideas suggestions yes no maybe? Or shouldn't I have bothered suggesting it seeing how much cancer there is on these forums.
  4. That Ragnaros can even be summoned is kinda the whole damn problem here. How did they get honored so fast to douse runes for Majordomo? I never saw any whole raid of these guilds farming in silithus prior to this raid. Heres a link even that you DO need honored first and after comes the quest to get the hands and only then do you get the quintessence: http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Quest:Agent_of_Hydraxis
  5. So no server first Ragnaros, RIP recruitment?
  6. I guess you could say, Ragnaros was... *puts on sunglasses* NOT "GRIZZLY PRIO" YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH RIP NA, forever shit at video games
  7. So you mean you're going to press CTRL-C CTRL-V and call it anathema.script ? well thats fine by me ^^
  8. So you mean you're going to press CTRL-C CTRL-V and call it anathema.script ? well thats fine by me ^^
  9. Indeed, like come on, imagin 4 8k+ populated servers from ppl all over the world experiencing the real WoW? FOR FREE? Properly scripted?? and once u do get in NO lag?? I don't wanna say it, BUT IM GONNA DO IT ANYWAY: half of you guys are spoiled brats to the absolute max. Be grateful for what these developers do for you. It's Blizzard who you should rage at for ваууing up WoW so hard, never admitting it and never releasing classic servers themselves, not Elysium and Nostalrius devs.
  10. Xena

    Reserved Character Names

    No need to be so offensive, I just wasn't aware =) I already deleted/gave away half of these names too and my main name isn't even on there. Stop being so hostile against a person of your own community, save your rage for Blizzard or anyone trying to take Vanilla from us or get a job and support Elysium with some donations.
  11. Xena

    Reserved Character Names

    Right I missed that, then these names are not for sale =) If anyone could tell me who owns the character name "Xena" though send a PM.
  12. Xena

    Reserved Character Names

    Hey I'd like to start a topic here for people that would like to trade or sell some names they've reserved on launch. I hope that's allowed? As long as you always keep in mind its always at your own risk and you should always make sure as much as possible the person you're contacting actually owns the character you'd like. Here are the ones I have. I'm willing to trade/sell/give away all of them except Zunah and Gabrielle. http://imgur.com/93kI5Z5 I'm also looking for the person who has the name Xena, would gladly buy it off him =)
  13. Indeed they should release the names of inactive and untransferred characters.