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  1. RedKev

    New Pet Level Catch Up

    Fighting monsters of the same level area will help, I believe it's the same as how you'd level. Your pet will die if there's a huge level gap. Try killing a bunch 3 - 4 levels ahead to get experience quickly.
  2. RedKev

    Development Update 08.02.2017

    Had a few problems with disconnecting on Eyes of the Beast, thanks!
  3. Although this is a some what thrilling idea, no amount of money will give you a winning case. It's stated that World of Warcraft® will have expansions to introduce players to new events in Azeroth. It is silly that you started this, I do however wish for a pure vanilla realm in retail to experience everything vanilla again...since that is unlikely to happen, I support Elysium and hope to keep it up for many more years to come.
  4. RedKev

    Profession Bugs

    I will, but the point is not what's bugging me, its the not able to retrieve it from mining or skinning it (regnant)
  5. A lot of players that I have seen in game recently sit there killing key NPCs apart of quests I could see why someone would want to play by themselves Some come to a private server thinking they can do whatever they want At OP report any problems if that's why you want to play offline
  6. RedKev

    Profession Bugs

    Its not always orange, mostly green and grey
  7. RedKev

    Profession Bugs

    Can't level up if it doesn't work half the time
  8. RedKev

    Profession Bugs

    How is it not a bug?
  9. RedKev

    RIP ELysium

    That attitude gets you no where. Things happen but its back up xD
  10. I tend to be mean to those that send me spam for it. Like, why are you here? And now youre gone;)
  11. RedKev

    Profession Bugs

    Failed to skin Failed to mine Haven't had problems with others yet It takes me 3 or 4 tries and half the time it gives up and remains there unable to loot it but rewards the point for doing it
  12. RedKev

    Gold for real money?

    Buying gold isn't clear enough?
  13. RedKev

    Gold for real money?

    Yes exactly, sorry for those that don't understand. Everyday I log in I get mail and consent whispers from different names
  14. RedKev

    Dual Boxer

    According to ToU, yes it is not allowed. Screenshot and make a ticket to advance in further investigation.
  15. RedKev

    Gold for real money?

    Will post the picture later but kept getting whispers jus wanted to know if it's bannable