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4 Dragons of the Nightmares

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again posting from lgw forums


In order of best loot -> worst: Taerar= Ysondre>Lethon > Emeriss.

Each Dragon also drops a Nightmare Engulfed object which is turned in for a Malfurion's Signet Ring (17 Stam, 20 NR)

All 4 dragons have a common core of spells they use. Each Dragon has a special spell they use during the entire fight and each dragon also has a big spell they use at 75%, 50%, 25%. Only 2 Tanks are needed per dragon, except for Emeriss which is recommended as 3.

Common core spells:

Seeping Fog - Summons two clouds of Dream Fog that will chase random players around the dragon and put them to sleep for 4 seconds. These little clouds float around following two people. Everyone should just be on the lookout for them and avoid them. Apparently turning up Spell Detail Level in video settings makes them brighter and easier to see. They spawn underneath the dragon and move out. Max of 2 fogs are roaming around.

Noxious Breath - Deals 3000 Nature damage and applies a 30 second DoT that increases cooldowns on all abilities by 10 seconds and inflicting 350 to 450 Nature damage every 3 seconds. The DoT can stack up to 6 times. The main tank should be the only one affected by this. It is resistible Nature damage but the big problem is that it increases all of the tank's ability cooldowns by 10 seconds per stack. Last year we rotated between tanks once they reached 3-4 stacks of this debuff.

Tail Sweep - Inflicts 925 to 1075 damage on enemies in a 30 yards cone behind the dragon, knocking them back. Melee people MUST be to the side of the hind leg. You can be knocked into sleeping fog.

Mark of Nature - If players are killed by a nightmare dragon, they will be afflicted by a 15 minute debuff called Mark of Nature. If engaging the dragon during this time, they will be slept for 2 minutes rather than 4 seconds as with the Dream Fog. RUN BACK WHEN YOU DIE. This isn't like Azuregos debuff where you're completely useless, you can play normally but be EXTRA CAREFUL about the sleeping fogs.

Aura of Nature - A invisible pulsing aura that interrupts actions like eating, drinking and bandaging when close to the dragon. Will trigger the 2 minute sleep when combined with Mark of Nature. This is just within 100 yards. Healers can leave the fight and drink and then return if the fight lasts for a long time. It lists as interrupting bandaging however I'm not sure about that. Will update in the future.

All the Dragons of Nightmare are also immune to nature damage. 

Common Strategy:

Pull Dragon to the raid, then turn her around so she is facing up the ramp. Healing should be on the MT, and everyone should be away from the tail. Ranged should be at a good distance and not clustered so they can avoid the sleep clouds more easily.

Have the second tank run in to cover for the MT should he be put to sleep. Neither of them will be able to taunt.

After a while, call for the raid to assist. Melee should hit her hind legs (rather than her butt) to avoid getting tailwhipped. Ranged should be spread out at max range.

Steady dps, have the majority of the healers on the MT; make sure the secondary tank knows what to do if he takes aggro because the MT got sleeped. 

Greater Nature Protection Pots make dragons incredibly easier to kill. Everyone reading this should just carry a stack of 5 on your main.

Common Core Notable loots:
hammer of Bestial Fury
Staff of Rampant Growth
Acid Inscribed Greaves


Here are all the dragon's unique skills, strategy guide I found on each one, and their notable pieces of loot.


Lightning Wave - Lightning bolt that strikes a random target for 463 to 537 Nature damage, then arcs to other nearby players. The spell affects up to 10 targets, inflicting greater Nature damage to each successive target.

25% ability: Summon Demented Druid Spirits - Summons several druids with low health (2,442 HP) that attacks the raid. The spirits look like translucent green-shining night elves and tauren clad in druid-like armor. Aside from melee, each spirit has three abilities:

Curse of Thorns - Gives the target a 50% chance to take 38 to 82 damage on each attack when attacking something. Lasts for 3 minutes.
Moonfire - Burns the target for 219 to 281 arcane damage and then applies a DoT which deals 88 to 112 arcane damage every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.
Silence - Prevents the target from casting spells for 5 seconds. 

Curse of thorns needs to be decursed after all spirits are down. 
Moonfire shouldn't be dispelled as the ticks do very little damage.
All DPS just focus on the spirits.

Jade Inlaid Vestments
Acid Inscribed Pauldrons



Volatile Infection - A dispellable disease that affects a random target within 100 yards for 2 minutes. This deals 875 to 1125 Nature damage to the player and all players surrounding him/her every 5 seconds. Dispell this ASAP.

25% ability: Corruption of the Earth - Affects all players in range. 10 second Shadow DoT that deals 20% of the player's max health every 2 seconds. It cannot be dispelled and has a 100 yard range. On ED, the strategy we did last year was just have everyone take it and keep DPSing. Everyone needs to be topped off before the 25% ability happens (100% HP). The DOT only does 100% max health in damage so if all DPS just take a healing pot or Bandage themselves for 1 tick then they will survive. Max HOTs on tanks before each 25% marker. Also 3 tanks is recommended for Emeriss as they can rotate shieldwalls at each 25%. Priests Prayer of healing (Same as Vael as 1 priest per group). 

Putrid Mushroom - When a player dies, a Putrid Mushroom spawns at their corpse. This deals 600 Nature damage per second to any surrounding player. Run the вау away from mushrooms.

Polished Ironwood Crossbow
Boos of Endless Moor



Bellowing Roar - A massive roar frightens all enemies within 35 yards of Taerar, fearing them for 4 sec. Is capable of fearing players into the Dream Fog. Dwarf Priests fearward the tanks. He cannot stance dance more than once because of Noxious Breath.

Arcane Blast - Blasts an enemy with Arcane magic, inflicting normal damage plus 1050 to 1350 and knocking the enemy back. Can knock sleeping players out of the Dream Fog.

25% ability: Summon Shades of Taerar - Three smaller dragons of equal melee strength are summoned. Taerar banishes himself and cannot be attacked at this time. Once all the shades are dead, Taerar's banish ends. Taerar will also un-banish himself and continue the fight along with any remaining shades if they are not killed fast enough. Notice that since Taerar will not refresh it when banished, Noxious Breath will eventually fade when fighting the shades. The shades have 66,620 HP each and two abilities:

Poison Cloud - Periodically spawns a stationary poison cloud at the shade's feet. Inflicts 350 Nature damage to nearby enemies every second for 10 seconds.

Acid Breath - Inflicts 875 to 1125 Nature damage and an additional 150 damage every 3 seconds for 45 seconds to enemies in a cone in front of the caster. Can stack up to as much as 99 times. 

Off tanks need to pickup the shades. Druids need to stop healing until they are picked up because they will 1-2 shot healers because of healing aggro. Priests+Pallies can continue healing because they can fade while Pallies can Shield.

Unnatural Leather Spaulders
Mindtear Band



Shadow Bolt Whirl - Fires four sets of shadow bolts at everyone on one side of him, then alternates to the other side, dealing 800-1200 damage. On each volley his feet will glow.

25% ability: Draw Spirit - Everyone within 100 yards of Lethon will be stunned for 5 seconds and a Spirit Shade will walk out of their body. While stunned, each player will take 657 to 843 shadow damage every 2 seconds. The shades will walk toward Lethon and will heal him if they reach him. Each shade will heal Lethon for 15000 HP. The shades have 500 health each and are immune to AoE spells. 

Clump the raid on one side. Pull Lethon. The Tank should be tanking Lethon next to one of the two pillars of the temple. Lethon only shoots shadow bolts on one side of him, so it is important that the tank recognizes the side that Lethon is shooting the bolts in and moves Lethon's head to the correct pillar. Running through him to the next pillar is the most efficient way of turning Lethon. A good way to know when the MT has to turn Lethon over is to have one raid member count the number of times his claws glow. After four glows, the Shadow Bolt Volleys change the side they shoot to. 

At 75%, the raid healers should be ready to top the main tank off. Overhealing the tank, although bad on the healing meters, can make the difference between a tank surviving through the banish, or not surviving through it. Keep 3 heal over times on the main tank at all times. Make sure DPS kills as many shades as possible to prevent Lethon from getting healed. However, killing the shades is not that necessary, as healers can run out and drink if needed, and the only real challenging parts to this fight is when everyone is banished. 

Belt of Dark Bog
Deviate Growth Cap


Negotiator (Emerald Dream - lets get weird)

Sheepstick (Nost PvP - Momentum + Kronos II - Ravage)

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