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[GUIDE] Fury Pre-Raid-BiS-List / Specs / Enchants(Updated to Patch 1.8)

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28 minutes ago, bmac said:

With ZG coming out on Elysium, I was wondering, is Zin'rokh a lot better than Unstoppable Force as 2h fury?  I'm not hit capped yet, but should be in a couple weeks.  Should I shoot for the ZG fist set or something else?  I will play whatever spec is more damage.  I play an orc too. 

Is there an itemization list that includes ZG?

The only weapons in MC/BWL/ZG content I'd consider for 2h fury are the following:

BRE>Sulfuras>Ashkandi>Untamed Blade>Rank14 weapons.

If you still wanna go 2h fury, I'd go with Zinrokh over TuF.

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How much dps i'll get if I change Thrash blade to Flurry axe in my off hand? Or its not worth the trouble?

Yeah... i'm orc, and i have ironfoe in MH

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