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> List of abilities by stance <

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Vanilla information is surprisingly difficult to find in categories on the internet nowadays (wowhead was only good for specific item/spell/mob lookup). Here is a compiled list of stance restrictions for Warrior abilities.


class_warrior.jpg ANY STANCE class_warrior.jpg


ability_warrior_battleshout.jpg Battle Shout

ability_racial_bloodrage.jpg Bloodrage

spell_nature_bloodlust.jpg Bloodthirst

ability_bullrush.jpg Challenging Shout

ability_warrior_cleave.jpg Cleave

ability_warrior_warcry.jpg Demoralizing Shout

ability_rogue_ambush.jpg Heroic Strike

ability_golemthunderclap.jpg Intimidating Shout

ability_warrior_savageblow.jpg Mortal Strike

inv_shield_05.jpg Shield Slam

ability_warrior_decisivestrike.jpg Slam

ability_warrior_sunder.jpg Sunder Armor



ability_warrior_offensivestance.jpg BATTLE STANCE ability_warrior_offensivestance.jpg


ability_warrior_charge.jpg Charge

inv_sword_48.jpg Execute

ability_shockwave.jpg Hamstring

ability_warrior_punishingblow.jpg Mocking Blow

ability_meleedamage.jpg Overpower

ability_gouge.jpg Rend

ability_warrior_challange.jpg Retaliation

ability_warrior_shieldbash.jpg Shield Bash

spell_nature_thunderclap.jpg Thunder Clap



ability_warrior_defensivestance.jpg DEFENSIVE STANCE ability_warrior_defensivestance.jpg


ability_warrior_disarm.jpg Disarm

ability_gouge.jpg Rend

ability_warrior_revenge.jpg Revenge

ability_warrior_shieldbash.jpg Shield Bash

ability_defend.jpg Shield Block

ability_warrior_shieldwall.jpg Shield Wall



ability_racial_avatar.jpg BERSERKER STANCE ability_racial_avatar.jpg


spell_nature_ancestralguardian.jpg Berserker Rage

inv_sword_48.jpg Execute

ability_shockwave.jpg Hamstring

ability_rogue_sprint.jpg Intercept

inv_gauntlets_04.jpg Pummel

ability_criticalstrike.jpg Recklessness

ability_whirlwind.jpg Whirlwind

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That was a TBC thing.

Fair it's been a long time since I played vanilla lol.


Thanks, I forgot the ole charge, clap switch stance dance

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Mb its useful for someone but I bind the following skills under the same keybind, as they are stance dependant.

execute(1,3) and revenge(2)

charge(1), shield block(2) and intercept(3)

execute(1,3) and revenge(2)

Retaliation(1), Shield wall(2) and Recklessness(3)

Mocking blow(1) and Taunt(2) 

the (1,2,3) indicating their respective stance requirements. (1 being Battle, 2 being defensive and 3 being berserker)

its super useful imo as this will safe you a ton of keybinds!

One could argue that you could bind hamstring(1,3) and sunder(1,2,3) under the same button. Its something I do as Pretty much only use sunder in def stance, tho alot of ppl wouldnt do this.

Furthermore you can put overpower into your battle stance macro, which means you can spam the battle stance button to overpower if it pops. The same goes for whirlwind. I did the same with Defensive and disarm too, but thats personal taste for sure.


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