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[Horde] Elysium PVP Server - Guild Master List

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<Meet Your Makers> request to redefine description

Please concerning our guild,   we are High-end PVE raiding guild,  Inclining on exceptional players,    great applications are necessary,  Also we have players who are former guild masters  and world firsts on retail.  We are aiming to have server firsts here as well

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A Finnish semi-hardcore raiding guild.

Attempting to build a strong and social Finnish community while maintaining an able and dedicated semi-hardcore raid group. 

Dynamic raidschedule with 1-3 raids per week, depending on the content available. Raid times 19-23 (GMT+2 and subject to change).

We're also accepting socials and more casual raiders in our ranks to fill up if the main group is lacking in attenders. PvP will also be promoted and people will be sure to find fellow PvPers for their BG groups.

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  • In Silence
  • EU/NA Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore PvE
  • Server Time (GMT +1)
  • Saturday and Sunday
  • Clear Endgame content, try for server first.
  • Twitter:@Insilentelysium
  • Discord:https://discord.gg/g3dkJgm
  • Recruiting everyone at the moment, guild only made recently.

        Regards, Molteny.

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<Global Revolution>



This is a guild of worldwide individuals of all backgrounds. However our primary language is English. We are a pretty chill and fun guild who will be raiding progressively and pvping regularly. We will be Raiding and/or PvPing up to 4 Nights a week. Depending on the group size and capability.  Our Raids will be tough and progressive. Our PvP will stacked full of weekly events.  All of our events will be also available on my live stream.


Raid Info

We will be doing a Loot Council System based on attendance, behavior, and tenure.

We will have 3 main leaders in the guild  1 Female, 1 from UK , and Myself (NA)

Two of our raids  will be Sunday and Monday. Times are not yet set in stone.

Attendance is based on 90% of the number of Raids you wish to attend after your pre-raid qualifier. The other two raids will be up to the other Leaders of the guild once those leaders have been established.




Weekly PVP Events

Progressive Raids with Requirements.

Monthly Guild Discussions on Discord

Helpful, Friendly, and Fun



Guild Management

Loot Council Leaders - (Guild Leader)  3 in total

Managers - (Guild Leader assistant)  4 in total

Developers -  5 in total (Devs who work on out of game content: website, Google docs, roster, etc…)

Supervisors  - Class Leaders  8 in total


Raid Team Design

Our raid team design will consist of 1 of every single spec at a minimum.  The reason for this is to provide players the opportunity to fill whatever "role" they so choose.  Likely we may not even be able to fill all Specs, then it will go to "Best Picks" based on Raid Composition Needs.

Once Players start hitting 60 we will be working thoroughly to find Officer Like Candidates



Bear Open

Resto Open

Kitty Open

Boomkin Open


Rogue - (All Specs have same Result)



Hunter - (All Specs have same Result)




Tank Open

Melee DPS



Caster DPS

Healer Open


Mage (All Spec have Same Result)




Caster DPS Open

Melee DPS  Medium

Healer Open


Warlock (All Specs have same result)




Live Stream - https://www.youtube.com/user/TheMagues17

Discord - https://discord.gg/3NBmPbB

Forum - https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/31697-h-global-revolution/

Website - http://globalrevolution.shivtr.com/

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<Unity of Turks> Pve & Pvp Turkish guild. Semicore guild. Raiding EU Sat + Sunday 18-22:00 GMT +1 Server time

We are looking for Turkish players who wants to be with friendly, mature and serious guild members. Come say hello (Merhaba)

All Classes Welcome!

Discord Channel etc. 

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<Twelve Years a Grind>

Twelve Years a Grind is currently recruiting for PVP and PVE, we are currently a leveling guild but plan on raiding at 60, We are looking for mature people 25+.

Eastern Standard Time UTC -05:00


Weekends 5pm EST

Recruit for endgame and PVP

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<Recipe for Hate> PvE/PvP | World Wide | Short, intense and disciplined raids. We expect to keep up with the so called "hard core" raiders! | PvE: 2/7 days, e.g. Wed- and Sunday, 21:00 - 24:00 CET. PvP: not scheduled. | For more info PM Jokk (officer) or Pingaan (GM) ingame.


Guild post: forum.elysium-project.org/topic/31396-h-ex-world-1st-raiding-core/#comment-318755

Forum: http://recipeforhate.forumotion.eu/

Application: http://recipeforhate.forumotion.eu/t1-application-template

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Link to Oblivion's post on Elysium Forum


Oblivion - Founded 6th of November 2016.

We are looking to build a supporting and polite community we all can benefit from to create an accurate and fulfilling experience as what used to be. Oblivion's focus will lie in raiding the endgame content which doesn't imply we are only looking for well versed players who already know everything there is to vanilla raiding, our priority will also lie in bringing new and unexperienced players to be able to get into a healthy and assisting raiding environment and relive what World of Warcraft used to be.

Raid Time - 19.00 - 22.00 GMT+1
Raid Days - Thursday & Sunday


Why join Oblivion?

  • Professional Leadership
  • Founded 6th of November 2016 
  • Semi-Hardcore PvE Guild
  • Grown substantially for the past months.
  • Players are extremely active on Discord and on our Forums.
  • Class Guides made by our class leaders on the Forums.
  • Guild updates on the Discord text channel as changes happens and a monthly update on the website regarding how the past month have been and if we've succeeded in our tasks
  • Discord meetings which we've had multiple times where everyone can voice their opinion about the guild and how we should improve.
  • Healthy community with a mix of both veterans and new players.
  • Everyone has a task once a week for about two hours where we farm materials in order to make it easier for all raiders overall to get ready for raids without much time consumption 
  • Loot system: Loot Council (at the bottom of the page)


  • Premade PvP Groups for higher ranks (Rank 10-14)
  • Tons of World PvP events
  • Good portion of Oblivion's members like to PvP


Guild Rules


  • All members are required to sign up on the website, and are expected to check for and read news, announcements, and any relevant information every three days, but at least before joining a raid.
  • Ninja looting is strictly forbidden, both inside and outside of guild runs. Any incidents will be investigated and handled seriously.
  • If you're going on a vacation or can't make it to a raid then you're required to make a post in the Absence thread.
  • While we don't mind the occasional f-word in guild chat, you should avoid racism, hate speech, and excessive swearing at all times.
  • If you're having an issue with one of our members, your first step should be trying to resolve it between the two of you. If that fails to succeed, you may ask an Officer for help. If it is an officer you're having issues with, you may contact a different officer or the guild master.
  • All times and dates mentioned on the forums and on the calendar, in guild info and in the guild message of the day, unless otherwise specified, should be understood as server time.




  • Protection Warrior: OPEN 
  • Restoration Druid: OPEN 
  • Restoration Shaman: OPEN 
  • Holy Priest: OPEN 
  • Warlock: OPEN
  • Mage: OPEN 
  • Hunter: OPEN
  • Rogue: OPEN 
  • Fury Warrior: OPEN 
  • Shadow Priest: OPEN

Current roster can be found HERE


How to join Oblivion?

  • First you'll make an application on the recruitment link
  • Download and join our Discord (Linked below)
  • Contact the Oblivion staff in order to talk about your application

Oblivion's Recruitment Page
Oblivion's Discord

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[Horde] <Vikings> - Elysium PvP
Timezone: UTC+01:00

Vikings inspired Raiding guild for Mature Nor/Swe players. Currently battling the member cap, but planning to stable when raid ready.
Core of experienced Vanilla players. We are currently looking for a few more members, specially a few class Officers.


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Guild name: <Insomnia> [H] Elysium PVP

Guild description: Semi-Hardcore from Kronos 2, clearing content for a second time here, mostly same officer core. We use DKP, and have a very level playground for gearing and earning your place. Guild materials are available to everyone evenly, looking to fill up some vacant spots with new well balanced players. We operate with a no tolerance for drama/ninjaing. All very experienced vanilla players, nice friendly and helpful attitudes.

Schedule: Weekend raid times (6-9pm PST)

Objectives: Clearing raid content during it's time and quickly move to next content as soon as it is open.

Links to Discord server, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Anything else you want people to know

Recruiting a few classes for core raid spots, apply above or message Rallos in game for more information.

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Hello dear sir. Again thanks for your work here.   Calling for an update on <Metastasis> raiding times  >  they are now    sunday/monday  19:30  -  23:30

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Guild name:  <God Complex>

Guild description: The hardcore guild, for part-time players! We are veterans who enjoyed end-game content but find that our schedule is a lot different in 2017 than it was in 2004. We have experienced leaders who take their time spent here seriously, and want to provide like-minded individuals a guild that understands the delicate balance between free-time and life obligations. We will focus on progression and helping our members realize their in-game goals, but with an emphasis on a lighter schedule that won't get in the way of living life. If you want to enjoy end-game content again, but have to keep your bosses (both at home and at work) happy, we are the guild to join!

Timezone(s): Primarily North American, but our vision is universal. If you are interested in our message, we are interested in having you.

Schedule: Daily grouping, questing, leveling. Weekends (Thu-Sun) dungeons and raids. No requirements, play at your leisure.

Objectives: End-game raiding, Dungeons, PvP

Links to Discord server, Twitter, YouTube, etc: <God Complex> 

Anything else you want people to know: If you are like me, you had a very different schedule a decade ago. Don't let that be the reason you can't enjoy this vanilla experience all over again! We understand the struggle to balance your fun and your responsibilities, and we want to build a guild that celebrates that balance rather than asks you to prioritize one over the other. Help us establish this guild as a haven for people just like you!

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<Grim Intent> is NA west coast based guild that is looking to clear all content at a semi-hardcore rate. With experienced leadership from <Last Stand> on Nostalrius, and officers that have played together since 2004, we are now opening up recruitment for trial raiders.  Our normal raid schedule will be Thursday/Sunday 6:30pm-10:30pm PST with out first MC scheduled for 3/23 @ 6:30pm PST. All classes 50+ are welcome to apply (especially healers), however plan on being 60 with at least half BIS in order to get an invite to MC. Come join us now so we can help you gear up and be ready to raid! Apply here http://grimintent.shivtr.com/ or hop in our discord to chat with an officer, https://discord.gg/VdgAJMN, or message Zalaka, Casketsnap, Suliro, or Shreddy, in game for a quick interview. We hope to hear from you!

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