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why are there not shadow paladins

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paladins are just priests that fight with melee and priests can use shadow magic so why is there no badass shadow paladin

and no it wouldn't be death knights because they're more necromancy than shadow because shadow priests=/=necromancer

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1 hour ago, Lawinn said:

All paladin that got corrupted by the Shadow forces are called Death Knights, buddy

buddy at the end killed me :D

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Night Elf priests do not worship "The Light", they worship Elune, She, yes Elune is a she, is a representation of the Moon: so with the phases of the Moon, or its present or absent, that is the "favor" you get from Elune (the holy cold-shoulder).  So as far as lore goes, Elf Shadow priests are justified, the same can be said with the Human and Dwarf priests who worship The Light, as the light is absent ~ or darkness, other Shadow priest are justified.

Paladins are the embodiment of Lawful Good: Pallies won't touch Shadow magic to cause good.

Elune and The Light are the embodiment of Chaotic and Neutral Good.

With the launch of TBC, Blizzard had abandoned its original ideas and plans it was developing with vanilla (Emerald Dream alpha-files exist in vanilla client, but only accessable with GM commands).  So now we have two places there is "Dark/Evil/Shadow/Unholy".

(Side note: Dragons were the first to control necromancy magic, and the first to realize it as an evil and abolish its use)

Warlocks magic is technically Blood Magic, not the same Shadow Magic that Shadow priests use.

The Void and the Twisting Nether.

The Twisting Nether is where demons are born, this is relevant because demons believe if you can use magic you are stealing it from them and you need to die. So a dragon which is pure magic is basically a natural enemy of demons.

The Void, which didn't exist before; is I guess now the Blizzard Lore on where shadow priests draw their magic from, where as I would like to believe instead it is as I said earlier and is just the absence of Elune or The Light.


Extra fun stuff:

The Well of Eternity possessed so much magical power that when Illidin showed Rhonin (Time traveling human mage) where the well actually was, he said that it "Had enough power to become, or create, a god".

Nozdormu summoned all instances of himself through all aspects of time (think Plank-time) to use all of the compounding power of millions~billions of himself to reverse time itself to release the old-gods grip on him because the titans "Showed Nozdormu" his death and that was not it.

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