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Hunter Spec for world pvp

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Hi all,

I am rolling a hunter with my RL buddy who is playing a fury warrior and our main focus is world pvp with some quest/dungeon grinding.  I was hoping somebody could shed some light on what spec would compliment duoing with a warrior 24/7.  I have read that Beast Mastery is the way to go for leveling but since I'll have a pocket tank with me I was wondering if MM is the way to go.  Thanks in advance for the help =).

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If you have a pocket tank, nothing wrong with rolling MM. I leveled solo as MM / Surv, 0/21/30 - and that was fun, if inefficient :D

Another popular compromise spec is Intimidation / Scatter spec. For World PvP, it's pretty fun! And you can get Aimed Shot and Scatter Shot first, or pet boosts and Intimidation first. You have both Scatter and Intimidation by level 51.

More practical is just going straight for Bestial Wrath and speccing the rest of your points in Marksman - you can get Aimed Shot at level 51 this way.

What I enjoyed about MM / Surv was I was able to boost my crit and CC stuff nicely. As a night elf, I could escape even more easily and return to strike from the shadows, which is well-suited for a hunter because our burst DPS is quite strong. Getting Aimed Shot at level 20 was especially helpful as I quested through Stonetalon Mountains.

I actually tried BM at first, but I felt my damage was fairly lacking - which is obviously the case when your pet is meant to do all the damage. A little later on it's better, especially when you get Intimidation, but I found it was fun to get Aimed Shot as early as possible, and decided not to go back. My recommendation, given all these options, is to consider your options, how you plan to level, maybe play with a talent calculator, and do what you think is fun. Maybe if you're an orc you'd really like to go BM, or as a night elf you'd consider MM. Whatever's fun ^^

Oh, and if you're wondering how MM does on the way up... I have a vid series in "Hunter Macros & Tips [Redux]," section 3.2.3. It doesn't have all the dungeons... yet... but it has some low level dungeons you could look at. After Wailing Caverns, I get Venomstrike, which really boosts my damage for the other dungeons beyond it.

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All specs assume you have t1 blue pvp set or higher unless noted. You can move points around for something you want more of, the following specs are not set in stone and act as a guide. I like efficiency more than rng conc shot because you run omm fast if fighting more than 1v1 and team battles in bgs etc. if you only want 1v1 get the conc shot then. Personal opinion notes: enchant priority agility, stam(only if you take  survivalist. else hp) and int in that order with current enchants available. Speed increase on boots only. stats to chest also.

http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZqVohthZcLiVohu (0/24/27) (I like this spec)

http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZqVohtZcbiVohux (0/21/30) very gear dependent because of agility talent. Full T2 makes this spec real fun (once you have 333 agility self buffed you get the 100 ap you lose from true shot from lighting reflexes) 

http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cxV0zLxoZqVohtbZcbb (21/23/7) control best used with a boar pet. used intimate first keep pet by side cast aim shot send in boar with charge to stun target get aim shot off. (I like this spec)

http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZiVohthtcbimoh (0/31/20) classic spec/standard spec not gear dependent 

I don't play the following specs because I'm not a fan of deep bm/wyrven sting

http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cxcMzTxRtqVohx (31/20/0) not gear dependent 

Have never played these but listing it anyway because have seen others play it.

http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cxVMzLxRtZcbimoh (31/0/20)  gear needs to be decent because of no marks points.

http://db.vanillagaming.org/?talent#cZqVohxZcbiVohut (0/20/31) very gear dependent because of agility talent wyrven sting not that great imo just read the tool tip. (once you have 333 agility self buffed you get the 100 ap you lose from true shot from lighting reflexes)


Just my personal opinion good luck.




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