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The best of the worst

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1 hour ago, Nirinia said:

Which of the hybrid dps classes is the best? Retri Pala, enh/ele shammy or boomkin/kitty druid

It really depends on what situation you are looking.

In theory ele has the best scaling due to great spellpower scaling. Yet they suffer from lacking penetration curse and manaissues in longer fights.


Feral can be really strong, even outperforming dps classes with heavy usage of powershifting and due to the fact (maybe bug) that you instantly AA with your 2h after shifting into caster form.


Enhancement has crazy burst potential (Windfury + Slow 2h) but lacks sustain.

Ret has also great burst potential (Seal of Crusader) but lacks sustain.

Both Enh and Ret rely mostly on AA. (Read: boring)

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