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  1. Summer

    Access old Darrowshire guild forum

    This is the old link of the topic im looking for. Well it's not super important. I was just hoping its maybe hidden in the archive but someone with higher forum access can just see it. https://forum.elysium-project.org/topic/33366-eu-horde/
  2. Summer

    Access old Darrowshire guild forum

    I am pretty sure posts where made by this account: https://forum.elysium-project.org/profile/64283-limited-edition/content/
  3. Is there any way to access your forum archive? Im looking for our old guild recruitement threat after the relaunch (January 2017) but somehow im only able to find the threat from the old elysium forum (september 2016) or did you use a different forum after the relaunch but before the light hope thing went down? thanks in advance :)
  4. Summer

    Darrowshire Merge NO

    As long as you let players choose everything will be fine. Let the PvE-community on Darrowshire go to a PvE-TBC realm. Let the guys who only joined Darrowshire because Nostalrius PvP had 14k pop and lag join a PvP-TBC realm. People have to understand that a lot of the players (probably especially horde side) on Darrowshire aren't PvE-players. Some of those rerolled Elysium in January (r14 Kennymarsh, r13 Hedgelord, r13 Fexius) but a lot stayed. There is no need for insults. Darrowshire is a healthy realm. But if you're interested in PvP it's bad. And if you played there from the start it's bad as well. Nefarian first kill guild <Hope> just disbanded because nine month BWL is shredding the long time player base.
  5. That a hint that transfers will be available soon? I'll donate 100 € if thats the case, you can quote me on that!
  6. Like how is this possible? Elysium getting Zul'Gurub earlier than Darrowshire getting the War Effort. Jesus Christ shut us down please if you don't care anymore. Nine month Blackwing Lair already. Why do you speed up Elysium but starve us to death?
  7. The Idea of only allowing Worldbuffs on DMF-week is superb. +1 for that. Implement that for all 3 servers for the current highest tier raid.
  8. #unlockMootree need him for our raid tomorrow.
  9. And again they delete the posts of darrowshire players who are desperate to join a server with more than 200 players on their faction ._.
  10. Summer

    Development Update 19.07.2017

    Does anyone know if https://github.com/elysium-project/server/pull/1452 is on the live servers now?
  11. Jup. Just did that. We'll see what you'll say when Darrow won't peak at 1000 anymore. And then not 500 anymore. Have fun.
  12. Not that it would matter since probably noone of the administration cares about Darrowshire but this was probably the last week for quiet some time that horde side got a br1 spot for 13k rp. And it was AV weekend! And my guild added ~30 extra standings with alts already :/
  13. I think - as a long term solution - ist the only right choice. Funny thing is atm Elysium is full with 4-7k pop but by the time Elysium is at patch 1.9 (like Anathema now) things will be worse because at patch 1.3 nostalrius had 10k pop already. I am also missing a vision for the future of the project somehow. When Nostalrius progressed to patch 1.7 they announced TBC development. But what is going to happen now after 2 month of Kel'Thuzad farm? Why building a 2nd Atiesh if there is no follow up content? Why not starting on gummy with a new char if I cannot progress with my beloved nost main char? Well idk, lets hope things get better when the weather is not as good as it is right now anymore :D
  14. Well, transfer to Darrowshire - it's not important enough for China so we're pretty much left alone and have low caps =)