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  1. shakgrot

    We stand and fight

    You are on a good way! Good job! I hoped more players would be like you! Fight for you right to level up, round up forces and defeat those honor less bastards from the Horde!
  2. shakgrot

    Thank You ELYSIUM Team!

    Elysium project I hope you guys can enjoy your lifes outside of this project because iI bet it consumes so much time and energy. Do not listen to these cave dwelling trolls that have nitty schedules to play after school and cry whenever the servers have problems. You are doing great! Keep up the good work.
  3. Thank you for all your efforts, you are amazing dedicated people who push themselves to give other people entertainment and enjoyment. I just hope this project will last many years as proof that once people get together they can accomplish pretty much anything. Love you guys!
  4. shakgrot

    Scammer Elysium

    Damn Mud you are in all the posts here in the Forums advertising your ban! I have a suggestion for you: Instead of bothering people with your own personal problems in random topics i advise you to bug the hell out of those GM´s. Create a new account and ticket them to death or spam the Ban Appeal Section. But please do not try to prove to other players that you are inocent no one will help you. And for 2 specific reasons: First, Nobody knows you. Second, Most do not care about people they do not know, specially over the internet. Redirect your efforts to someone that may try to help you. Most of the people in the Forums unfortunately just see you as a Poor Whining Drama Spreader. I am very sorry for the inconvenient ban. Go fight your battles on the right battlefield! Yours Truly Shakgrot
  5. This ENB Series is a Shader Overlayer. It creates a layer over the actual image. It does not modify any existent content in the folder hence the question. Thanks for your answer, though I would like to know if someone could study the case and actually be sure of my statement above. PS: This Shader Layer AKA Visual Addon was already being used in Retail on expansions previous to MoP
  6. Hey everyone! I just came across this ENB shader Enhancer for World of Warcraft and it makes the game look amazing! The immersion level goes way up even though it could not be viable for PVP (Due to increase in the shadows strength and color correction) but it surely changes the way one sees the game. What I really want to now is if I could get banned for using these files that I had to paste directly on the World of Warcraft home folder. For now I have deleted them to be on the safe side but i really would like to used them if it is allowed. Yours truly Shakgrot
  7. shakgrot

    [POLL] Need vs Greed

    Dude your explanation is the best so far... I could not have said it better. Claps to you Sir. Yours truly Shakgrot
  8. I understand all the worries related to this subject. But I have to be honest, people, I urge you to stop for a moment and think in this line of thought: A fresh server gives old veterans an opportunity to refresh their long time in an frozen server with no more progression (even though in this case, like Blizzard or a server opts to move to the next expansion). And also gives the feeling for new players to the game that everything is equal. When you decide to play in any Retail server from any kind of MMO the progression started long time ago, and other expansions are already gone. In this case you are already behind everyone. There no chance to relive or live what was already lived. But it is not a reason to not start to play a game which arouses your interest. If you play on old Nolstarius servers you will always start behind if you put yourselve in this negative egocentric perspective. If you are the best or want to be the best you will work for it no matter what (because you are "the best"). In the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, when Achievements were introduced "Feats of Strenght" were accomplishments that only people coming from Vanilla would be able to get. This created a certain mystery and legacy. Heroes arise and fall. So is the story of every society (even an MMO society). I love vanilla, but i never had the chance to live through the Gates of Ahn´Qiraj for this simple reason: I could not just give up on my character that took me hours to build for the sake of "starting fresh". Which in my opinion is a very superficial reason. If you want to be a legend and leave a legacy then advice you: Born in this world live in your time and try to be the best of your time and make old heroes acknowledge your presence. Yours Truly Shakgrot
  9. I feel the at most regret for such an insensible comment. I agree that my statement was clearly absurd and out of proportions. I truly hope your able to find in your understanding my serene apologies for such regrettable inconvenient. Yours truly Shakgrot
  10. The elaborate design of such a marvelous aesthetics brings water to the mouth. That moisty sensation with Al Dent in the misture provides a sensational environment for our tast buds that thrive. My friends if a washing machine was to fall to such a desgracefull state of moisty corrosion, all the clothing in world would not be able to save it. I hereby recognize chickens as the future Dukes of our Azerothian citizens. Yours truly Shakgrot
  11. shakgrot

    Dealing with Trolls in forums

    I am glad that I was able to feed your small hungry stomach
  12. shakgrot

    About the War Effort.

    Your answer was definitely good. Based on population factor it is understandable. But do not undermine yourself. You do not deserve such defensive talk. Yours truly Shakgrot
  13. shakgrot

    Hello I am new I need help

    I would not say the best but definitely the cutest! :-)
  14. shakgrot

    Hello I am new I need help

    Thank Elviss. Missed that one. By the way your avatar is hilarious.
  15. shakgrot

    Hello I am new I need help

    Addons are installed like you said. At character selction screen on the bottom left there is an Addon activation button. Debuff and buff cooldoens are activated in interface options Health and mana from enemies is not visible by default. You to use an interface Addon like luna andprocid the proper configuration. Have fun Vanilla is really worthwhile playing. Yoyrs trully Shakgrot