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  1. This is actually very nice, well done mate.
  2. Tholren

    Alexsensual's new video about Elysium.

    I wish I could see Alex's masters in business and engineering. He is just so insightful.
  3. Tholren

    Plea to new players

    I know everyone feels the same against the horde, it's human nature to feel like this, but I honestly haven't had a fair fight with an Alliance. I've only been attacked when outnumbered, or outleveled. They prefer both, though, for good measure.
  4. I would transfer in a blink of an eye. TBC is absolutely the very best.
  5. Tholren

    Forum servers going apeshit

    We just need to wait until Kronos gets tired.
  6. I also recommend you separate the blacklisted ones by faction.
  7. Do we account for people who kick others from groups without reason in this list? If so, I have an example for everyone.
  8. Tholren

    We did it ladies and gentlemen!

    Feels good...
  9. Tholren

    Impossible to pickpocket again?

    Yeah, happens to me a lot too.
  10. Tholren

    Hord never Group up

    I've had no problems finding groups either. In fact, I've even been randomly wispered to join groups and assist others.
  11. Is that why you call your level 60s to horde zones? :)
  12. Tholren

    [ADDON] MinimapButtonBag

    One of my favourites
  13. Tholren

    WoD character models in 1.12

    What a shame that the creator of such an awesome patch needs to put up with the shit from the likes of some of the people in here.
  14. Tholren

    WoD character models in 1.12

    Uuuh, what a smart and edgy reply. Yeah, you definitely won with that one :)