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  1. RonaldoR9

    Mail issues

    i can recover the gold. its just a visual problem i think that the scroll doesnt show does anyone else have this issue?
  2. RonaldoR9

    Mail issues

    The mail icon near mini map is there but i have no mail in the mailbox. and also the auction successful scroll doesnt show on the mail. the icon is just a dark shadow.
  3. dead. im the only one online
  4. i think elysium servers are enough I dont even trust blizzard in making proper vanilla servers because i think all the developers who where there during vanilla arent there now. right now im happy with elysium. :)
  5. RonaldoR9

    Mechanical chicken

    its bop on use. i didnt use it yet. i can trade it. anyone know the price??
  6. RonaldoR9

    Mechanical chicken

    what's the price on the mechanical chicken that you get as as reward for finishing all three robot chicken escort quests?
  7. what happened to the guild? im the only one online for months Gromodar
  8. RonaldoR9

    Can't see trading chat

    you were supposed to scroll down to the bottom so that the accept button appears
  9. RonaldoR9

    Hello I am a new pvper

    you guys still don't understand. he is making fun of the BG update that you could only queue with 2 other players. the limited is 3 altogether. it's not a coincidence that he says they are a group of 4 friends and it's after the BG change came out. the response he might be waiting for is "now you are only 3 tell one friend to leave" or something like that.
  10. RonaldoR9

    changing chat channel

    I noticed that chat channels do not change when entering the zone while flying. i could still chat in orgrimmar general while flying over barrens and other zones. but after i landed in desolace the channel changed to desolace general and left trade. this only happens while flying. is this correct or is it a bug?
  11. RonaldoR9

    Naxxramas Trailer 2017

    i thought this was elysium's production XD
  12. RonaldoR9


    and he didnt reserve anything
  13. Hardsauce is a ninja looter, put him on your ignore list and dont group with him again. on an uldaman run on last boss he changed loot distribution to master looter just before the boss dies and took the loot for himself and left the group. the rockpounder dropped. he took it and left without anyone rolling on it.
  14. RonaldoR9

    Reporting very offensive language

    see the chat