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  1. "Justice must be served" from the fingers of somebody playing on a free private/pirate server. The irony is so human it's beautifully tragic.
  2. Crowley

    Alexensual banned yet?

    I love that we live in a world where people would rather erase an ugly truth than actually address it. Typical liberal style of "freedom" Your kind is much more harmful than Alexensual is. If only we could ban you.
  3. I think its funny (but not surprising) that people would choose to continue play on a server where someone in Shenna's position would openly attack a PLAYER on the servers forum, instigating a witchhunt on the player. The way I see it, Shenna really wishes he was a girl (hence the name, hence the avatar, hence the catty name-dropping on the forum) Shenna, your parents would be ashamed of your behavior here. We both know you were brought up better than this. You aren't fit to be admin of your dress collection let alone a server of thousands of people. If you care about the legacy of wow you'll step down before you stain it any more.
  4. Shenna killed any credibility this server had in this post. Nice try diverting the attention and the blame on to Alexensual instead of admitting you shot the project in the foot by associating with rotten people. You showed total lack of any class by dragging a players name into the reason for this mess. Very low. It just shows us you're just as much of a snake as the crooks you brought into this project.
  5. In the age of the Internet and instant background checks did Elysium really think they could sneak these people in without questions and consequences? People do not change at the core. A snake is a snake. They associated with snakes. As far as Alexensual goes, I do agree the refund stuff could've been handled a lot better. At the same time I feel like Elysium found themselves the perfect scapegoat because they know Alex already has a lot of haters. It's an easy shift of focus and blame and you guys are falling for it.
  6. I thought we weren't supposed to mention names of players you have problems with on the forums? Agree with Alex or not it seems it like you yourselves are creating a witch hunt. There has been a lot of shady stuff going on here and I think the way the Elysium/Crestfall/whoever staff is handling the situation says a lot about the heart of the project.
  7. Crowley

    Lag information

    I've given up on progressing any of my toons at this point, it's way too frustrating. Can't cast, heck you can't even run without rubberbanding and disconnecting ever 30 seconds. Now I just camp out in spots where I can cause trouble, die a few times, log off.
  8. Crowley

    Forum servers going apeshit

    You say free, I say there is NOTHING as valuable as time. You can work and make more money, time dwindles in one direction. Your time may not hold as much value as money does to you, but to those of us who cherish our time and lives this game does cost us something.
  9. The past two days I've been getting a message that says "You must wait X-amount-of-time before you can chat" I also keep getting an error that says "You don't not know that language" I've changed nothing as far as addons or anything. I normally wouldn't care but as a healer it's hard to communicate with your team when you have to wait 30 seconds to tell them that you were out of mana 30 seconds ago.
  10. Haters gonna hate. Believe it or not a lot of people get theri legacy info from his youtube channel. I have some differing opinions from Alex but so what? If you guys don't like it no one is forcing you to watch it. It takes balls to publicly show your face in this toxic community, so I give him credit for staying the course. Also, If Elysium is considering doing a Q&A I don't think he is in danger of slipping into "obscurity" just yet. That being said, I don't have a question. I do have a statement though.. HAVE A GREAT DAY EVERBODY!
  11. I had the same problem, head over to Night Elf areas to quest. Kalimdor seems to be much less populated for alliance questing. And I'd say the opposite is true for the Horde, so if you're horde try questing on the eastern kingdom side instead. to the people being snarky about people making threads about this, every time you whine about multiple threads you're just bumping them, drawing more attention to them. It's a forum, get over it.
  12. Crowley

    Nostalrius Won

    I noticed it's a lot of "End-of-the-World" types that are always looking for the next hype-train. It's like they are addicted to the hype but don't want to stick around for the reality side of things. The populations are more than fine. Unless Elysium physcially pulls the plug they will continue to be fine for months or years to come.
  13. Patch notes confirmed that Stitches is coming home to Duskwood!! Our nightmares have been answered.
  14. Crowley

    Development Update 25.01.2017

    Thank you SO much for bringing Stitches back to the game. <3 (and for all the other awesome fixes and updates!)