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  1. What exactly was wrong with mine? Just asking out of curiosity.
  2. Elysium is far from overpopulated. It was at the start but that's long passed.
  3. Nahaz

    Is Elysium down?

    Same problem, and the website says the realm is up
  4. Nahaz


  5. This puts what i think into words perfectly. It would only apply to epics and it is always best to state this before you start a run: "if an epic BoE drops, everyone can roll need". As others have stated, these items are so valuable on the market that they basically represent gear upgrades for every player in the group, and passing it to someone who can equip it right away is missing out on a chance to upgrade your own character. Nothing stops you from making your own group rules about this though.
  6. you can use a google chrome extension called Authenticator
  7. Nahaz

    Nostalrius Won

    This actually makes sense.
  8. Nahaz

    Meet Circa

    go blogpost somewhere else
  9. Nahaz

    Hacked and Sad :(

    Had the same exact thing happen to me today. Make a ticket and hope for the best, but i don't think we'll be seeing our stuff again.
  10. Nahaz

    Hacked and lost everything

    I have the exact same problem. They took every piece of gear, my weapons, all my bags and my quiver, all my bank bags, my bag content, my bank contents, my gold (close to 60g saving up for 40 mount), even my pet meat (hunter).
  11. Nahaz

    Is IP lock 2step auth bugged?

    You can just use the google chrome extension called 'authenticator'. It'll work the same way.