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  1. Stormx 3 - Druid PVP Vanilla 1.12.1

    world pvp ofc
  2. Had some raids with them on Zeth Kur. I never had such fun in my WoW gaming history. Join them if you love PvP. You will not regret, I promise
  3. Shenna's Resignation

    Вроде достаточно взрослый, а так и не научился правильно писать слово "ето". Мне вас жаль (с)
  4. Shenna's Resignation

    Потому что Крэг Хэк - дно
  5. Shenna's Resignation

    терпилы? ты во дворе у гопников таких слов нахватался? ты хомячок, который любит грызть говно, которое ему дают уже на протяжении полгода
  6. The future of Legacy, starts now!

    I miss actual nost devs and their professionality. They were cool at all. Design of website/forums, user expirience, server maintenance etc
  7. Agree with this. Smart people always keep away from things like this. Its like leaving a country with retarded government
  8. I do not want to give up

    Looks like good man. I vote for unban
  9. Horde is so bad in this server

    Alliance wins only when they have enough paladins in premade. In any other cases they are nothing but backpedaling keyboard turners not giving shit about anything happening around, especially in world
  10. We're playing on elysium

    You will see only positive comments here cuz truth is getting deleted by moderators
  11. Who cares about some noname's opinion? I even dont know who is this
  12. - Elysium statistics

    Is there addon to show retail sub numbers statistics?
  13. Shapeshifting and Noggenfogger!

    Upvote pls
  14. Post Your UI #3456789

    what version of Coolline are you using? Seems a bit different than mine
  15. [AddOn] enemyFrames

    same problem as above. And detection works buggy. Frames appear usually when I manually mouseover enemies.