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  1. Fubbzy

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    nice custom server :^)
  2. Fubbzy

    Horde Druids Beware

    nothing like noob gms not knowing shit about the game.. but atleast they arent "detecting" cheats
  3. Fubbzy

    10 - 19 Thread

    If youre telling the truth then wtf... last time i was dragged in there (for going to old IF) i linked them a youtube video on how its possible because they didn't believe me, and they let me go after watching it. I think i was lucky the GM wasnt in a shit mood... and i like how all appeal is virtually invalid, talk about a power trip lmfao. what a joke
  4. Fubbzy

    LF PvP addons

    use by name and supermacro so you can make such useful macros as cast grenade on first click, then stopcast on second to readjust it, or use 55 water if its available and if not 45 water in one button. trinketmenu and itemrack for fast and easy trinket/offhand/boots/helm swaps and set swaps in general. classic focus is also really nice, vanilla doesn't let you pull up another focus frame but it saves your focus target for fast swaps
  5. rdruids are fun, but not optimal if you are going for just healing. imo roll rdruid if you get frustrated with being in any form of cc, because between your pvp trinket (removes stuns/fear/charm), disentanglement (removes slows/roots when u shift), and beast forms (immune to mc/manaburn/seduce/polymorph) you dont have to rely much on support of other players defensively, so it gives you a lot of freedom and uptime. They can only cleanse poison and curses, and provide no direct buff to allies like freedom or pw shield, so they are not favorable among bg healers. shamans play like an offensive healer, they sometimes struggle to stay ahead on healing because they only have one emergency button (NS) which can also be used offensively to burst a target with chain lightning. Most people dont destroy totems so i think youll be fine, but a lot of utility comes from fragile totems which even casters can melee down, so theres that to consider. They have a lot of uses with frostshock, earthshock interrupts, and purge, and can help you carry bad dps that doesnt cs, etc. They pale to paladins in prem v prem, but still lots of fun and can hold their own. also, enhance is not really effective in bgs, thats a geared elemental. enhance will get kited forever, and if you ever reach your target you have a small chance to take out a chunk of hp and then you probably die because you are oom and overextended. If that sounds fun, go for it but you will probably get bored.
  6. Fubbzy

    Are drood that bad?

    Druids are a ton of fun, don't listen to randoms. Feral struggles to be useful in group pvp, that is why they get a bad rep, in prem v prem they are not useful unless you have some super bear fc tank. In 1v1s however, they are really good. Balance is still not great for group pvp, but it can work. They are just a worse mage because no silence, only cc is roots, a chance to stun with starfire, bash, and feral charge if its specd. It can work in 1v1 against some players/classes (mage easiest), but the kit is really clunky compared to other casters that have more intuitive playstyles. If you want to know more about raiding, head to the druid subforum here or on feenix, theres tons of good info on feral/balance raiding.
  7. Fubbzy

    Best faction for PvP.

    The horde queues aren't that terrible, alliance is just usually 5 mins or under, while horde is 10-15 mins on average. Tbh horde queues can be nice cause you can queue up and then duel outside org or browse ah, etc. If you are impatient though, just go alliance i guess. And win ratios are pretty hard to say, but pug v pug its somewhat even, alliance might have slightly more fresh characters queueing up than horde, but both sides have a decent enough pug population that you can solo carry wsg. Prem v prem is too dependent on which guild/group of players youre going up against. most basic ranker prem could go either way. dream team prem v prems has ally favored just cuz of paladins.
  8. Fubbzy

    xp off command?

    lol u little toxic gremlin. he was giving u information about the server, not his opinion
  9. Fubbzy

    Gear dependent classes

    pve gear is good for PvP an vanilla, u won't be getting owned unless u suck or the classes you fight counter u. I didn't read фекал in this thread but there are some long posts that are probably correct... IMO go hunter or lock cuz they naturally get lots of HP from their tier gear, and have less competition for raidspots than other classes usually
  10. yea was just gonna say, very underrated pet. on feenix i recall scorpion poison stacking up to 5 or something like that. the only real threat at that point is full t3 pala with the set bonus but itll still oom them really nicely. maybe you are kinda boned if it is a dwarf though such nice racial
  11. ally generally has faster queues, but most else doesn't matter much unless you plan on doing prem v prem. If I were you, decide on your faction depending what you and your gf want to play. if one person likes to play melee, the other playing a paladin is a great help with freedom. war/sham is also fun for windfury. just play complimenting classes and figure out which races you prefer
  12. was thinking of doing a pally for shits on the new serv, but was planning on taking the old serv more srsly tbh.. we'll see I guess
  13. I'd advise against druid and rogue. druids rely heavily on timing your shifts correctly to stay out of roots/slows, and you can mess yourself up often. it really sucks to waste a ton of mana by shifting in and out of bear accidentally because you thought you just didn't hit your keybind hard enough, but it was just lag. no idea why rogue is the highest voted melee, but I wouldnt listen to that at all. if you want to play rogue at a high level and outplay, less lag is a must- I know a few rogues who quit or rerolled on nost because of it.
  14. Fubbzy

    Druid Balance wPvP

    gotta love when melee chase us into water x)
  15. Fubbzy

    [ADDON] LunaUnitFrames

    best frames <3