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  1. Swineflu

    Ragnaros with 25.01 updates

    Not sure what you're on about, you can get honored without elemental invasion perfectly fine.
  2. Not to mention that ZG,DM,BWL were all open on release. You can spawn silithus lords, you can queue for av, you can loot certain 1.11 items, you can get eternal quintessence by being revered with Hydraxian and the list goes on and on. The fact that the valkyrie staff even tries to play this off as nostalrius core is hilarious.
  3. Swineflu

    Fire Resistnce Gear needed?

    The fights are incredibly undertuned on Elysium, so no. You barely even need FR as a tank on ragnaros, which is a complete joke.
  4. What exactly do you not get? It's entirely feasible to have enough dousers this early on. Just because you're a moron who can't work that out doesn't mean there's something wrong with the server integrity.
  5. You can summon people back and forth for dousing, you really only need one person honoured. Either way It's not really a big issue.
  6. Swineflu

    No forum search?

    They took it away to prevent people from seeing when devs and gms got kicked from the project.
  7. It does matter if they beg for donations under false pretenses. And no, it's not working well at all except for it being lagfree. It's as buggy as emerald dream, and I have no faith in anything over bwl to be scripted correctly.
  8. So It's pretty clear by now that Elysium was not launched with the nostalrius core to start with. Endless stock mangos bugs, siltithyst geysers out in silithus, world bosses out that aren't suppose to be out etc etc. Can we get a word from Pottu on this? Does it not suck to essentially lie to the players of the realm? Oh, and elemental invasions... Will we find out that Diremaul is available aswell?
  9. Nope, It's not. Pretty obvious with all the elysium bugs.
  10. +1 on still pretending we're playing on old nost core, I like your determination to keeping up appearances.
  11. Swineflu

    Pottu, Transfers

    Atleast we get something positive from this.
  12. http://realmplayers.com/CharacterViewer.aspx?realm=NBE&player=Mdma
  13. No need to be mad that sanctum isn't good enough to play with the big boys