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Nostalrius PVP, Raiding Guild Repository

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Hello everyone, 


I'd like to take the time to gather up all the Raiding guilds that will be on the Nost Anathema PVP server.  Its always easier to look up a guild on a list than clicking each post. The front page of the guild corner only has so much room. Keep posting your own recruitment threads, this is just the list.  


Please follow the format below.


<Member Berries Fairies> Mon/Tues/Sun (0000-0400 PST) [H][NA]


I won’t be including recruitment needs and I’ll post guilds by alphabetical order.  This is just a repository for recruits to skim what raids days and times they can make. Make sure to still make your own guild post in the Nost Anthema PVP guild corner.  

I’ll be updating the forum- at least -once a week.  If I got something wrong please message me, or post below.  


Thank you.


<Blacklisted> Sat (1900 EST), Sun (1500 EST) [A][NA]

<Chimaera> Wed/Thurs (2000-2300 GMT+1) [A][EU]

<Coalition> Wed/Thurs/Sun (1900-2300 Server time) [A][EU]

<Czechoslovakia> Unknown raid times/days [A][CZ/SK]

<Echo> Tues/Wed (2000 to 0000 EST) [A][NA]

<Edema Ruh> Mon/Thurs (2000-000 EST) [A][NA]

<Exiled> Wed/Thurs (2100-0000) EST [A][NA]

<Flashback> Unknown days and time [A][Swed]

<Globo Gym> Mon/Thurs (2000-2300 EST)[A][NA]

<Handle It> Tuesday/Thursday 1930 -0000 Central US) [A][NA]

<Inheritance> thursday/sunday 20-00 ST  [A] [EU]

<Inquisition> Unknown raid days and times [A][Norwegian]

<INSOMNIA> Mon/Wed/Sun (1900-2300 ST) [A][EU]

<Kanium> Sat (2000 CET) [A][EU]

<Kern> Thurs/Sun (1930-2300 GMT+1) [A][Ger]

<Logic> Raid times and days unknown [A][International]

<Materia> Tues/Thurs/Friday (7est / 1pm server) [A] [NA]

<Molten Core Swimteam> Tues/Thurs/Sun (19:30-23:30 GMT+1)[A][EU]

<Morph> [EU] Thursday 19:30-23:30 ST [A][EU]

<NaCl> Thurs/Fri/Sat.  (0200-0400 Sever time.) [A][NA]

<NIRVANA> Wed/Thurs/Sun (19:00-23:00 Server time) [A][EU]

<Nirvana> Wed/Thurs/Sun (1900-2300 Server Time) [A][EU]

<Oceanic Redemption> Unknown raid days (1900-2230) AEST [A][Oceanic]

<Pleasuretown Adventures> Wed/Thurs/Sun (0200-0600 Server Time) [A][NA]

<Renaissance> Tues/Thurs/Sun (2100-000 GMT+1) [A][FR]

<Ritual> Wed/Thurs (2100-0000 EST) [A][NA]           

<Savages>  PVP Team/ doing gods work culling horde population [A][NA]

<Scuba Cops>  Mon/Wed/Thurs (2030 to 0030 EST) [A][NA]

<Shift> Thursday / Monday (18:30-23:00 server time) [A][EU]

<Sprite>Wed/Thurs/Sunday from (2100-000 EST) [A][NA]

<TDA> Mon/Wed/Thurs (20:00-00:00 CEST) [A][EU]

<The Blooders> Wed/Thur & optionally sunday (20:00-23:00 server time) [A][EU]

<The Chosen> Mon/Wed/Thurs (2000-2300 EST) [A]]NA]

<Theorycraft> Wed/Sun (1830 ST) [A][EU]

<Thundercats> Tues/Thurs (2200-0100 EST) Fri/Sat (2230-0130 EST) [A][NA]



<Accidental Misloot> TBD Days (2100 EST) [H][NA]

<Convulsion> Mon/Wed/ Sun (1730 PST) [H][NA]

<Dankk Budz Collective> Sat, Sun (2200-0200 CET) [H][EU]

<Dreamstate> Wed/ Thurs/ Sun (1900-2330 GMT+1) [H][EU]

<Earth Walkers> Tues/Thurs (2000-000 EST) Sunday (1900-000 EST) [H][NA]

<Emphasis> Mon/Wed/Thurs (19:00 - 23:00 Server time) [H][EU]

<Endurance> Wed/Thu (18.45 ST) [H] [EU]

<Endzeit> Wed/ Sun.  Raid times unknown [H][Ger]

<Gnarly> Mon/ Wed/ Sun (1845-2230 unkown time zone)[H][EU]

<Last Resort> Thurs/Sun (1900-2300 Server time) [H][EU]

<Last Stand> Tues/ Thurs/ Sun (2000-0000 EST) [H][NA] 

<Momentum> Wed/Thurs/Sun (2030-0000 EST) [H][NA]

<Nightcall> Mon/Wed/Sat (2030-0000 GMT+1) [H][FR]

<Pro By Default> Wed/Sun (1930-2330 EST) [H][NA]

<PROGRESSION> Sat/Sun (2000-2400 GMT+1) [H][NA]

<Rage> Sat/ Sun (2000 Server time) [H][EU]

<Reign> Thur/Fri/Sat (2000-0000 EST) [H][NA]

<Return> Wed/Thurs (1900-2300 CEST) [H][EU]

<Return> Weds/Thurs (1900-2300 CEST) [H][EU]

<Ruins> Mon/Wed/Sat (unknown times) [H][FR]

<Strangers With Candy> Unknown raid times/day [H][NA]

<Team Blackout> Tues/ Thurs (2000-0000 EST) [H][NA]

<Titans of War>  Wed (2000 EST) [H][NA]

Edited by Docholy
Updated- Jan-23-2017

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Well, mostly I'm retarded and didn't notice you had them in 24 hour clock time. But also thinking about it, Probably wouldn't be a terrible idea to have them all in a single time zone and edit accordingly. I just looked and assumed they were all server time lol

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Team blackout Tuesday and Thursday 2000 hrs est until 2400 are our main raid nights, we also do 20 man's on Sunday evening. (Generally 1700 or 1800 until finish)

Edited by Docken

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<Dreamstate> Mon, Tues, Wed, Sun (1900-2330 GMT+1) [H][EU]


Hey there, Dreamstate doesnt raid on Tuesday. Our main raiding days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

I would appreciate it if you removed Monday aswell, its only a mandatory raiding day during progress.

This is what its supposed to be: <Dreamstate> Wed, Thurs, Sun (1900-2330 GMT+1) [H][EU]


Thanks in advance!

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You have the wrong raid times for <Molten Core Swimteam>.    EU GMT+1, not EST.


<Thundercats> start time is 22:00 EST end 01:00 EST,    you looked at their PST (west coast time by mistake).

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<Reign>, Thur / Fri / Sat 8:00 PM EST Start 12:00 AM EST End - Invites 7:30 EST, Horde - NA

Edited by ReignNA

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Installed Reign.


Fixed errors; Moltencore swim team, Thundercats and Echo.




Thanks for messages and posting. 

Edited by Docholy

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Ruins Horde French guild => Monday Wes & Saturday

Edited by Alkz

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<Handle It> Formerly Questionable Talent and Luminous Force

[NA] Tuesday/Thursday 1930 - 0000 Central US time Zone. [A]

Edited by Mealticket

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