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Pottu's hunter pets topic

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 Any idea what hunter pets is he talking about? I love how he drops a msg but actually not specify the issue and then punish people who use it... how are they supposed to know some horde warlock or whatever the case is... can't use his curse of whatever on it... 

"We are aware of an issue with certain pets having immunities to player abilities that they should not have. While we are working on a permament fix, using those pets in PvP is considered bug abuse. Hunters found using them will have their bugged pets deleted and their accounts sanctioned as per our terms of use.

If you encounter a hunter using them, please make a GM ticket so we can evaluate the situation."

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9 hours ago, Xylon666Darkstar said:

Use Google and other search methods. Read the forums instead of fearmonger posting, OP.

Eat shit. Thanks for advice tho.

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