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Development Update 11.04.2018

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Nighthaven PVP

Currently on Patch 1.6, Assault on Blackwing Lair.

Important: Please make sure to clean your WDB folder in order to allow some updates to be displayed correctly by your WoW client.


Alterac Valley

  • Flags no longer vanish when used (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/434)


  •  "Seal Fate" will no longer trigger from "Eviscerate"
  •  The "Cleave" will now always trigger "Flurry" when crit (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/396)
  •  "Burning Adrenaline" will now be removed when you exit BWL
  •  For "Mind Control", the player will stop correctly after the spell starts.


  •  Stormpike Battle Charger now costs 9 gold (was 90) (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/473)
  •  Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber now costs 100 gold (was 1000) (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/525)
  •  Nightslayer Armor now has a trigger effect
  •  "Shimmering Gloves" now have correct stats after being purchased (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/616)


  •  Fixed the spawn position of some mobs around the world (some of them were underground)
  •  "Undead Scarab" will use the correct poison.
  •  "Tanaris Voidwalkers" no longer gives experience for killing.
  •  "Overlord Wyrmthalak" corrected loot table.
  •  "Arikara" can now be tamed (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/541)
  •  Frostmane Trolls will speak only to trolls, not dwarves. (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/538)
  •  "Dark Iron Agent" bomb from Gnomeregan will no longer move. Bombs should not move at all. (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/329)
  •  "Magistrate Barthilas" in Stratholme will correctly disappear if players enter the dungeon from the Service Entrance. (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/290)
  •  "Buzzek Bracketswing" no longer teaches "Dimensional Ripper: Everlook"
  •  "Huricanian" in Silithus now has a correct loot table.


  •  Many quests have been corrected for the minimum and maximum levels.
  •  Corrected the experience reward of many quests (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/471), (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/479)
  •  Players will be able to gain experience points for quests that are given while in ghost form.
  •  "Job Opening: Guard Captain of Revantusk Village": The kill criteria for Vilebranch Berserker, Vilebranch Shadow Hunter, Vilebranch Blood Drinker, Vilebranch Soul Eater is now correct (20 units) (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug -tracker / issues / 450)
  •  "Hidden Enemies" corrected the text for the mobs.
  •  "Material Assistance" quest is included in patch 1.4
  •  "Avenging the Fallen" quest can no longer be repeated.
  •  "The Lich, Ras Frostwhisper" battle animation now works correctly.
  •  "Rin'ji is Trapped" Rin'ji no longer attacks the mobs while he is in the cage.
  •  "In Dreams" Taelan should no longer get stuck after the previous quest. Quest behaves correctly after failing. Tyrion disappears after 3 minutes after the quest is delivered, not instantly. Quest can be handed to Tyrion in Eastern Plaguelands.
  •  "Lessons Anew" - corrected quest text.
  •  "Counterattack!" has been fixed.
  •  "Feast at the Blue Recluse" when you deliver the quest, feast will begin! (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/135)
  •  "A Plague upon thee (part three)" a green keg of termites is now visible only to those who hand in the previous quest.
  •  "Commander Gor'shak" can be obtained after completing "Disharmony of Flame" (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/572)
  •  "A Crew Under Fire" is now working as intended.
  •  "Garments of the Light" is now working as intended.

Dire Maul

  • Now the number of living bosses ogres Dire Maul is rigidly tied to the dungeon data. (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/615)
  •  The person that kills "King Gordok" is saved, and even when server crashes, you can receive the offering chest (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/615)
  •  The "Water" spell in "Massive Geyser" that creates "Hydrospawn" is correctly displayed in the combat log (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/165)

Bug Reports

Bug reports should go to Elysium's bug-tracker on GitHub.

  1. Go to the Elysium Project bug-tracker.
  2. Do a search first (search box at top has is:issue is:open, append your search text to that). 
  3. If a similar issue exists, add any additional details you have.
  4. If no similar issue exists, please open a new one. 

Note: *Fixed* issues may not be in production yet, but should appear in a coming update.

Elysium Staff.

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9 minutes ago, Therealxuqa said:

Delete the contents of the folder? I can't log in. It takes me to the choose a server page and I click nighthaven and then nothing.

The server is down. It is happening right now. Could be an hour or longer til we get back in.

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On 4/10/2018 at 10:40 PM, Shenna said:


  •  Stormpike Battle Charger now costs 9 gold (was 90) (https://github.com/elysium-project/bug-tracker/issues/473)

As per my post on github last month before this patch, the Horn Of The Frostwolf Howler was also affected, and the linked github article didn't specify a particular faction, just Altract Valley mounts. Frostwolf still costs 90g.

Have cleaned WDB folder.


Also can't see Material Assistance being offered by the NPC, had to have it given to me manually by a GM, but seems it's still bugged as I cannot turn it in.

Edited by Wrathius

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