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  1. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Mob chaining like that your Innervate is for you and you should be using Wrath on the squishier targets versus Starfire. And with the off chance you do run out of mana, which should be due to unfortunate circumstances you switch to Starfire R1.
  2. Why is balance druid so worse?

    I don't know why mana ineffiiciency is still being brought up. This is a vanilla myth and always has been. If you're having mana issues then something during the fight went wrong, you aren't using correct consumables, you aren't using correct gear, or your raid sucks. There are exceptions to this, sure. Nefarion for instance drains you because your Innervate goes to the Shadow Priest. Naxxramas will probably be the same. Otherwise sticking within or close to the 70-sec theory will make everything just fine.
  3. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Oh, I'm fairly sure it'd be crazy as hell. 1 Shadow Priest, 14 Warlocks, 8-10 Paladins, then the rest can be the tank and melee composition haha.
  4. Why is balance druid so worse?

    I've always joked about just taking 1 Shadow Priest and 14 Warlocks.
  5. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Not quite. It's very possible it's different with Fire Mages as well as it scaling better with different gear, but here were findings from BWL: Frost Mage: ~13.88DPS Warlock: ~18.75DPS I believe I did detail these findings in the massive stat weight thread I dumped my research into.
  6. Why is balance druid so worse?

    And that's the thing. Shorter fights is where Moonkin (with Starfire) excel and can actually compete. I never had BiS list in 1.8 on Nostalrius, but even in blues I was pulling 600+ on BWL bosses. Where as when I was testing AQ40 and Naxx on the PTR, I had a test run of ~1060dps from what I remember. This is why I developed the 70-second theory to prioritize gear around. Most fights, even including AQ are within that range or just slightly over. I do understand Naxx complicates things since Naxx fights are inherently designed to be longer, but the basics can at least be established from that research.
  7. Why is balance druid so worse?

    480 means he's geared incorrectly, not using correct consumables, or his guild sucks. It's possible all three are the cause. I was pulling 600+ dps in pre-raid gear in BWL lol.
  8. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Your goal shouldn't be to take advantage of the Crit talent since Moonkin doesn't have native Hit talents. Even 0% hit will utilize the Crit talent. Build for the fight is what I did and it worked just fine.
  9. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Still doesn't make sense. It's a wild waste of the spell crit aura. What Paladin goes OOM in 2017? What class goes OOM in 2017? Moonkin for Mage group during trash pulls; Moonkin in Warlock (Fire Mage) group for single target kills.
  10. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Why ever Paladin? Best group configuration is most likely 4 Fire Mages + Moonkin. Before Fire Mage, it's 4 Warlocks + Moonkin.
  11. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Also, do note that the effective cast-time of Wrath cannot drop below 1.5 seconds due to the global cool down being 1.5 seconds in vanilla.
  12. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Does it even need to be discussed? I think it's crazy to think anyone would be willing to lose out on Curse of Shadows damage just for 2-3 Wraths per Starfire. I mean. Essentially 2 Wraths will equal one cast of Starfire. Not to mention you have to gear Hit% heavy to cut down the chances of resists on your Wraths, which is then causing Starfire to due less damage compared to a DPS setup. Maybe there is a good hybrid set out there that bridges that gap between Wrath and Starfire, but you're still doing 10% less damage per 2-3 Wrath cast. I'm not saying Wrath isn't possible, but I honestly think it's either pure Wrath or pure Starfire. Not a hybrid.
  13. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Sorry, I meant 70NR. All other elements are 145. There are exceptions to these resistance rules such as Ragnaros or other monsters that have immunities.
  14. Why is balance druid so worse?

    Is Wrath a solution? It's possible, but I have very little data on it. Before Nostalrius kicked the bucket I had just begun working on Wrath. When I was apart of the QA team, AQ and Naxx weren't gated, so when I had spare time I developed the rest of Moonkin vs spawned dummies and gear which wasn't obtainable on live. Here's is what I did find out about Wrath. Wrath is a mana hog, but it's amazing on trash. Nearly every monster in vanilla has a 75NR, which is lower than all the other resistances. Thunderfury obviously cuts this which helps. The problem is there is no natural dmg% increase to Nature outside of Darkmoon Faire, Stormstrike (only 2 charges), and Nightfall. So it comes up tremendously short :( You could try doing a Wrath > Starfire rotation, but honestly you're going to hurt yourself more than help. Either Wrath or Starfire won't receive the full benefits of your gear because they are two very different spells and/or it would probably be more beneficial to just spam Wrath until OOM versus trying to alternate.
  15. Why is balance druid so worse?

    I will say that Naxxramas is a toss up though. A lot of the fights are longer by design, but your DPS upkeep also isn't 100% with the exception of Patchwerk. I never really got to test against Naxxramas because they gated it on the PTR HAHA... The research after that is speculative and I've mentioned that the research for AQ is speculative as well, but more than half of AQ was tested with various gear combinations. The only thing left out was Wrath, which I came to the conclusion would require you to be geared completely differently.