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  1. Comments from the super coach! Sometimes i feel like these forums are like american politics. If you disagree with me you must be a complete and utter idiot who I will immediatly insult and wish bodily harm to. Sigh.
  2. Ok so - you dont have a max level character.... do you even understand how the game works? do you understand what a L60, bis character does with their time? Sorry dude, i dont wanna rag on you - you appear more capable of putting a sentence together than the average forum poster but come on. PvP isnt supposed to be about R14 gear, those are rewards for the few who can manage to achieve them. If you wanna argue that the entire Vanilla PvP system is broken (which it is), and that its rediculous that it takes 13+ weeks of playing 16+ hrs a day to achieve R14 then i'd be right there with you. But to argue that we should destroy one of the pillars of the game to make it easier for 50-100 people to get gear is rediculous. One of the main reasons people go and raid, is to get gear, so they can go into PvP and kill people. We have removed that ability, you can't actually engage in PvP on elysium. You either world PvP jumping ppl who arnt expecting, you join a premade and honor farm empty BG's all day long or you solo queue and get farmed by Premades. (Part of the BG problem is people have given up, those that do solo queue usually just afk when they notice its a premade, if we could fix that then bg's would be better sure) So my understanding of what your saying is this "Theres 50-100 ppl who want to rank and get gear, we should allow them to dominate the PvP scene because they want gear, and we shouldnt do anything that makes an already overly difficult processes harder." What i see missing from your thought processes is what about the other 200,000 people who might want to occasionally step foot into a BG? What about them? What about the literally thousands of players who just want to go and fight someone of the opposit faction? Should we ignore them? Because so far the project has been and the result has been we went frm 45K ppl online + queue to 10K online.
  3. reagan

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    LOL this argument always makes me laugh. Its a regressive argument, you can throw it out there and i can refute it and you will just throw out another pointless argument. Making the point that any player CAN create a premade does not negate the fact that the current premade behaviour is damaging the project as a whole and 99% of the population would be benefited by them changing. Its kinda like me saying theres a hole in the boat, were sinking - i think we should plug it. You argue back by saying - look, you could just choose another boat. Your making an argument that you THINK defends premades but your missing the very crux of the issue, that the boat is sinking and we should do something to stop it.
  4. Wrong, sorry its not expected that 90% of battlegrounds are vs' a premade. This started to become a problem on retail and they took great steps to stop it (removed the ranking system, arenas, Rated BG's - all of these things were set up to create a situation where the average player can enjoy PvP as it was supposed to be rather than by farming millions of honor for gear). I know this whole thread is going to turn on anyone who disagrees but sorry Phoosy you dont know what your talking about, You dont understand the game and you dont understand the vast majority of the player base. Your to close to the PvP scene and you think that they matter more than they really do. This change does not stop people from being able to rank, it stops them from being able to game the system. Everything in your original post Phoosy talks to fixing the issues that face the 50-100 people activly ranking, it does nothing to address the fact that there are literally hundreds of thousands of players on the server who gave up PvP'ing because of the premades. None of what you have suggested actually improves the server for the vast majority of the player base. I get why it matters to those 50-100 people, I understand why this is so emotional to you all, but I would suggest that you take a step back and realize - a very very small group of people is dominating the entire server's pvp and the rest have given up. The reason we saw a huge population decline back in April/May was because people hated PvP.
  5. reagan


    Cya - dont let the door hit you on the way out. Ever since Nost launched a small group of PvP players has basically ruined the ability for the vast majority of the player base to pvp and have fun doing it. You argue your entitled to do this, that its "blizz like" blah blah blah. I could explain to you why it isnt, but frankly you dont listen or learn. Leave, quit the server. seriously - 100 people who are the "pvp scene" could all leave and the server would be better for it. Wanna know why? because literally 100,000 people quit this server when they got to L60 and went into a BG and discovered that the experience SUCKED. They wanted to PvP, they wanted to actually enjoy vanilla PvP. They couldnt and left. So flame away, claim its not bliz like, i and any rational member of the playing community who understand how this has all gone down really dont give a flying hoot. So cya, i wont miss you. I'll be enjoying PvP for the first time in 3 years.
  6. reagan

    Development Update 08.09.2017

    Nice patch again! Heh - brave decision on premading, will be interesting to see if it brings players back to PvP. I know my friends and I all quit because we couldnt PvP, it was worthless to try. Expecting to see 20-30 people viciously attack the project over this change. Mind you, if you stop for a second it doesnt stop you from pvping, or from ranking it just makes it harder for you to game the system and honor farm empty BG's. You argue its not blizz like change, i argue the whole way the player base plays isnt bliz like. Speed running BWL (an instance that took 4-6 hours for guilds on retail) in 23 minutes isnt bliz like. Killing bosses in <30 seconds isnt bliz like. Farming 2-6 Million honor isnt bliz like. Nothing will ever be "Bliz like" because of the player knowledge of whats coming, and of how best to game the system. Enjoy the damn game and stop bitching at a group that does this for free. Want full R14 gear? compile your own server and give it to yourself. Want to play the game and actually PvP? then stop premading and have some fun for a change.
  7. Premaders are so full of themselves - im already wearing my big boy pants so flame away all you like. Facts: 1) Premading did happen on Retail Vanilla, it was usually for 4-6 hours a day and as a pug you came across a premade less than 10% of the time. 2) When premading started to get really serious, and people understood the ranking brackets and started to push the boundaries blizzard blew up the entire system and created buying items with honor - during vanilla. 3) It never got even 1/4 as bad on retail as its been on Nost/Anathema/Elysium. This is a failure of the leadership of the project to correctly address this issue from launch. They are too afraid of 50-100 people who actively Rank to realize the 100,000 other players have given up on PvP (a key tenant of the game) and ultimately get bored and quit. 4) Premading as it currently stands on Elysium does not require any skill, it doesnt even require you to be friends with anyone and it certainly hasnt created a vibrant close nit community. Its created a group of people who follow instructions to sit at certain honor caps and rank. Sorry Premaders but your not the best, most skilled PvP'ers on the server - those people either quit or gave up because its no fun afk'ing to farm honor. When you DO come across another premade you wintrade while trying your hardest not to look like your wintrading instead of engaging that Premade and having fun fighting each other. 5) The same small group of people who control the PvP ranking are also hyper active on the forums and will flame anyone who threatens to disrupt their syndicate. The sad thing is, they arnt having fun, they arnt enjoying the game and a huge % of them burn out and quit. You defend something you dont even like doing all because you want the epics that come along with ranking. But what are you going to do with those epics? your not going to enjoy PvP with them..... If you cant accept that the premades are fundamentally hurting the project then you need to step back a bit. Ask why are these posts made so frequently by people who just want to PvP for the fun of PvP? This isnt about me not being good enough to get into a premade, or me needing to get a life and make friends. This is about the fact that a small group of people, less than 0.1% of the population is engaging in a behavior that is fundamentally weakening the entire community. Its not against the ToU, i dont have a solution for the problem but it is a problem and to pretend it isn't is ridiculous.
  8. reagan

    Development Update 30.08.2017

    Sorry hunters - but your DPS was pretty bad in vanilla, much like Boomkins, Feral druids, Shadow Priests, Enh Shamans, Ret Paladins. You bring utility (Tranq shot) and you buff your group but you wont do as much damage as the core DPS classes. Its tough because in many ways it would have been nice if the classes were balanced more but it is what it is. Dont roll a hunter if you want to do amazing damage. Roll a Rogue/DPS warrior/Warlock or mage. If your pets should keep buffs, this isnt the place to complain about it. Make sure its correctly documented on the git-hub with as much relevant evidence as possible and then find an open source dev to fix it for you. Love seeing the weekly Patch notes! Keep it up Elysium!
  9. i literally lolled at this post.
  10. reagan

    Server Population Cap

    you guys make me laugh - the servers have a population similar to most retail servers if not higher. if you want to play with 9K ppl go level on elysium. if you want to raid naxx, play on Anathema. continuing to beat the drums of "dead server" only creates a self fulfilling prophecy as more players believe it. Repeating something over and over makes it true to you, it doesn't make it actually true. Anathema is not a dead server, it peaks at 2K which is what retail server cap was on launch. What I honestly think we are seeing here are a small group of people who are deliberately attacking the server in an attempt to force a merge (Like we saw with ZK). These people are doing it because they will personally gain from it, maybe they have a lot of gold/consumables they want to sell on Ely. So if you really do want to attract players to anathema to increase the population, stop saying its a dead server because its having the exact opposite effect. There is no possible way to merge the servers in the next year, so stop asking for it - level on Elysium if u really dont want to play on anathema anymore. If you are trying to sabotage the project/server because you will personally gain from a merge - go f*#k yourself.
  11. Reclearing a raid ID is by definition bug abuse, and its of a significant level. Your not stupid, you knew raid ID's resetting was a bug and you chose to abuse it. Its pretty clear in the ToU. Bug abuse is bannable. You shouldnt NEED an announcement to know not to abuse bugs.
  12. You do realize this is the epitome of racism... you dont think your racist but you'll propose your racist views as being normal. Take your racist crap and f*3K right off ok? I suppose black people deserve a ghetto as well? And red? and women should be in the kitchen making you dinner? When good people allow shit like this to be said and say nothing we normalize your view point. Your viewpoint is wrong, its racist and you need to understand that. By the very fact that you call them asians is racist, you just lumped multiple unique cultures into one broad bucket and said get rid of them. Welcome to Nazi germany buddy. Now go back to what ever primordial ooze you crawled out.
  13. Theres a world of difference between abusing the game design and abusing a bug. Do you really think blizzard intended for the FR buff from UBRS to be used for progressing through MC and BWL and making encounters requiring FR a joke? There are countless examples of game design being exploited (Engineering bombs on vicidus, stacking DM/DMF/Felwood buffs to do crazy damage, Ubrs FR buff, Engineering Chickens prior to combat just to name a few) that dramatically change the game experience. While MC'ing people out of a portal shouldnt be allowed, its certainly not an exploit. Its not a GM related issue IMO, its a Dev problem. The Dev's should fix the game so it doesnt happen. The more you push the GM's to moderate the game the more likley they are to moderate something you dont want them to.
  14. reagan

    Upcoming PvP Update

    This whole "Blizzlike" argument makes me laugh so hard. Wow is a MMORPG - it evolves and it changes and can never truly be "blizzlike" ever again. 12 years of knowledge and player development mean people play very different today than they did 12 years ago. Blizzlike 12 years ago - was there were very few/no premades who pvp'ed 20 hours a day 7 days a week, because the R12-14 gear sucked. Few people seriously tried to rank because it was a vanity thing, not a highway to BiS PvE gear. Now, people know the 1.11 gear is coming, they change their playing behavior and suddenly the game is not "Blizz like". Its a matter of perspective. You can't make a "blizzlike" server because everyone knows all of the changes that are coming to content/gear. That in-turn changes the way players behave and the outcome is a non blizzlike game. You can argue all you like, but one thing is true - the PvP change IS bliz like, you couldnt use lifetime rank to purchase R12-14 gear, it wasnt until patch 1.6 that you could even wear the gear if you didnt have the rank. Respec cost is so so, personally i dont care. It certainly does not make the server a "fun server" lol thats the most rediculous statement ive read all year. Changing the respec cost suddenly makes it a fun server, lolololol no.