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Dhralla's Ultimate Leaf Guide

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Alright, after all those nights spent in MC when another The Eye of Divinity drops, you’ve finally put your hands on the epic Ancient Petrified Leaf and you’re one step closer to obtaining the desirable bow – stave – quiver trio. But for those who’re just curious and have decided to read this beforehand, let me briefly introduce the background.

Ancient Petrified Leaf is a class specific item that starts the epic solo hunter quest The Ancient Leaf, at the end of which awaits phat reward – Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers; Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers; Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina. The epic Leaf can be looted from Cache of the Firelord that spawns upon defeating Majordomo Executus encounter in MC. It’s an item that begins a quest – so your first step is simply right-clicking the item in your inventory and accepting the quest. Everyone understands that you’re really excited about your Leaf and you’re thrilled to “Find the owner of the Ancient Petrified Leaf” right away, but pls, just bear with your raid party, finish off Rag and then feel free to head to Felwood to start your epic journey ;)



If you’ve ever wondered about the strange mystic place called Irontree Woods in northern Felwood, guarded by the three dormant Ancients, now is just the right time to check it out! After accepting The Ancient Leaf quest, go to the above-mentioned location, more precisely to the hill on the small island in the very center of Irontree Woods, surrounded by the three Ancients (coords are 48,23, see fig. 1 as well). Once a hunter on that quest steps upon the hill (see fig. 1), spirits of the three Ancients appear, namely Vartrus, Hastat and Stoma the Ancient. At first, you’ll be able to talk only to Vartrus – do so and turn in The Ancient Leaf quest. Upon completing the quest, every of the Ancients will offer you a single quest – Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina from Hastat, A Proper String from Stoma and Stave of the Ancients from Vartrus. Accept all the three quests and let your trial begin… Be aware, you’ll have to face various demons and mighty dragons yet before you’ll find your place amongst The Hunters!

Fig. 1: The red dot (48,23) in both pictures marks the turn-in spot for The Ancient Leaf quest, as well as for Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina, A Proper String and Stave of the Ancients quests.



quest-giver: Hastat the Ancient
required items: Mature Blue Dragon Sinew (drops from Azuregos, Azshara and from Cobalt Wyrmkins / Scalebanes / Mageweavers, Winterspring), (note: it’s not BoP!)
reward: Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina

First of the quests rewards you with the epic Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina quiver and it’s basically just a turn-in item quest. You’ll need the Mature Blue Dragon Sinew to claim your reward though so be ready to start your blue dragon hunt! Let’s get serious here. There are several ways of obtaining Mature Blue Dragon Sinew. It drops from the outdoor world boss Azuregos, who roams southeastern area of Azshara with respawn timer set to 5 – 7 days. Note that this might change during time as new patches come out (as in Anathema patches), so if you’re after him and wanna spare yourself some time of pointless dragon hunting, be sure to check on server’s forum for updated info. A lot easier way to get your Mature Blue Dragon Sinew is dropping it from one of the elite blue dragonkins in Winterspring (around 55,50). If you’ve already noticed above, you may come to a realization that maybe the easiest way is to prepare approximately 120g and just buy your Mature Blue Dragon Sinew from AH.

It’s up to you to decide which approach to take, but be sure to get your epic quiver asap – you won’t find a better one in vanilla and trust me, you‘re gonna love its 18 slot space.

The other two quests are kind of linked together – you need to complete both the quests in order to get your Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers. Once you get your epic bow, talk to Vartrus once again and he’ll just hand you your Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers. Let’s start with the easier, more luck based and less fun one…



quest-giver: Stoma the Ancient
required items: Mature Black Dragon Sinew (drops from Onyxia , Onyxia’s Lair)
reward: Enchanted Black Dragon Sinew

Simple turn-in item quest – the reward, Enchanted Black Dragon Sinew, is required to create your epic bow (by combining with the reward from the following quest, the Ancient Rune Etched Stave). Only requisite is the Mature Black Dragon Sinew which drops from Onyxia … no need to say more, just wish you good luck.



quest-giver: Vartrus the Ancient
provided item: Petrified Bark
required items: Simone’s Head, Klinfran’s Head, Solenor’s Head, Artorius’s Head
reward: Ancient Rune Etched Stave

Finally, here comes the long-awaited demon quest! As you might have already noticed, upon accepting this quest you’ll receive an item called Petrified Bark, which provides you with some brief information about the demons and there is the strange last line telling you to GO ALONE. So, if you intend to dare and disturb the demons from their peaceful human forms and challenge them in their true shape, go ahead and read the following lines…



  • Every demon requires a specific tactic to be downed, every of the demons has a weakness / vulnerability – don’t even try to brute force your way to Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers!
  • Dealing with the demons is supposed to be one man show – as says your Petrified Bark, „GO ALONE”. Do not take this very literally, if you wanna make the fights with the three of the demons (explained below) easier, grab a priest, a warlock and a hunter buddy.
  • During the single fights, none else except for the hunter himself can get on the demon’s aggro list (this includes your pet, trinket spawns, totems, etc.), only initial, pre-fight buffs from other players are valid and are highly recommended (see below in separate tactics). Interfering with the fights spawns The Cleaner who basically blows himself up and kills every player in approximately 45yd range area.
  • All of the demons spawn and wander the area in their human form and they are neutral in this form. In order to transform them into the demons only a hunter has the option to talk to them. Note that the demons can be attacked in their neutral human form – in that case they’ll instantly cast Fool’s Plight, causing up to 8000 damage per hit to the attacker.
  • Once a hunter talks to the demon in its human form, after a few seconds the demon transforms, but don’t worry, you’ll have just enough time to get out of the aggro range and get ready for your show off. From this moment, you’ll have only 15 minutes for your attempt – if you don’t manage to down the demon within this time, he’ll despawn and you’ll have to wait for another respawn.
  • There are two separate respawn timers for the demons. If the demon is killed properly (by the hunter) then the respawn time takes 2 hours. But if the hunter doesn’t manage to kill the demon within the 15 minutes time interval (so that the demon despawns) or some other player interferes the fight and spawns The Cleaner, then it takes only approximately 15 minutes for the demon to respawn.
  • Notice that even though the demons roam the world in a human form, they are still trackable by hunter’s Track Demons (but are immune to warlock’s Enslave Demon).
  • Every demon roams quite a big area in a particular location and in order to make the fights as easy as possible, you’re supposed to transform the demon at the right place, i.e. safe spots (see the tactics for individual demons).
  • If you don’t intend to spend shitloads of your time on unsuccessful tries and the following waiting for the demon respawn and/or on gold for repair bills, then simply follow the proper tactics – I’ve met a lot of lame hunters on my Leaf journey who were applying the same wrong tactic over and over again. Don’t be stupid.
  • Be hit capped! You’re gonna rely on applying the proper abilities at the proper time. That means you don’t want to miss any of your important attacks – it might cost you a successful attempt.
  • Bring recommended consumables and get yourself proper buffs before the single fights! Don’t think you’re geared / good enough to manage just fine with only Trueshot Aura and an Aspect. You’re not. Don’t intend to spare your gold on that part – it doesn’t pay here – you’re after the epic hunter bow and stave here so show some effort. Trust me on that, proper consumables and buffs along with proper tactics ofc are gonna do half the work for you.
  • Be sure to apply all your potions and other consumables that share cooldown the proper time prior to pull – you’ll have to use EVERYTHING you got during the fights, so you don’t wanna engage with unready cooldowns.
  • I think I don’t need to mention this, but just to be clear: for maximum dps output, be sure you use Thorium Headed Arrows / Thorium Shells (I’m gonna mention those in consumables and ammunition section yet, but if you don’t know how to get them, contact me asap :D).
  • If you see you’re about to die during any of the fights, keep in mind that it’s always better to FD than die – saves you buffs, running time from graveyard and gold spent on repairs.
  • Most of the fights require setting a trap before the pull – don’t be stupid and do not rush in immediately after setting the trap – you have just enough time to restore on full mana – trust me, you’re gonna need it (same applies for Hunter’s Mark btw).
  • There is always a lot of hunters looking for the demons – the demon hunt is gonna take you a lot of time, so be ready both, physically and mentally, and be smart – if you see that a hunter kills the demon, note the time and come back after the respawn timer wears off.
  • Except for other desperate hunters, you’ll most probably meet a bunch of dickheads on your epic journey as well – feel free to report anyone who interferes your fights on purpose.
  • Little tip: if you’re trying really hard without any success, you can equip Demonslayer (and put Demonslaying enchant on it since two of the fights are melee).
  • If you feel really frustrated and are about to give up – don’t do it and rather try to enjoy the questline – most probably you’ll do it only once (unless you’re autistic and need to play a hunter and only a hunter over and over again :D) – I bet you’ll miss it once it’s over and you’ll wish you’re still on the demon hunt…

Note that the amount of some of the consumables (e.g. protection potions) in the following lists is meant for every single attempt – be sure you bring just enough to not end up without consumables while the demon is still spawned. I recommend bringing some extra Elixirs of Demonslaying as well since you might need to re-use during some of the encounters due to the length of the fights.

Also note that the consumables and buffs that proposed in each of the lists for the individual demon encounters are indeed the necessary ones. There are plenty of other rather easily obtainable consumables / world buffs (e.g. Whipper Root Tuber, Night Dragon’s Breath, Spirit of Zanza, Dire Maul buffs, Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer etc.) that might make your work much easier. So if you just can’t manage to down any of the demons and you feel like the tactics isn’t the issue, getting some more extra buffs might be your way to go.



Location: northeastern area of Winterspring (respawn spot is at 60,13), (see fig. 2 for Artorius’s roaming area)

Artorius’s abilities / weaknesses:

Demonic Frenzy
- increases attack speed by 15% and all physical and spell damage by 350%
- upon enraging Artorius dispels all magical, disease and poision effects on him (e.g. Serpent Sting)
- instant cast
- turns Artorius red
- can be dispeled by Tranquilizing Shot (DO NOT USE Tranq Shot at all – explained below)

Demonic Doom
- causes 162 to 208 (when Arotius’s calmed) and approximately 700 to 800 (when Artorius’s frenzied) shadow damage every 3 seconds for 45 seconds
- castable range 30yd
- instant cast
- transforms you into demon
- note that the debuff tooltip incorrectly shows 162 to 208 shadow dmg regardless Artorius’s frenzied or not

vulnerability to Serpent Sting - SS causes him 350% increased dmg and whenever you hit Artorius with SS, he casts Stinging Trauma on himself, causing him approximately 150 nature damage every 3 seconds for 18 seconds duration



Used skills / abilities:

  • Aspect of the Cheetah
  • Serpent Sting (rank 8 or 9)
  • Arcane Shot (rank 1)
  • Hunter’s Mark
  • opening trap: Frost Trap

Recommended talents:

  • 3/3 Hawk Eye (for larger distance window between your maximum shooting range and Artorius’s castable range of Demonic Doom)

Recommended assistance from: a priest

Fig. 2: The orange line marks Artorius’s roaming path, the red dot (58,21) shows the safest transformation spot, the green dot (54,26) marks the entrance from the road and the blue line shows your kiting path.

Background & Tactics:
Artorius wanders the valley in northeastern area of Winterspring (see fig. 2) in his tauren male form as Artorius the Amiable. He’s supposed to be kited at maximum possible range for the whole duration of the fight because once he gets into < 30yd range, he instantly casts debuff called Demonic Doom, which basically kills you within several seconds. Here comes your buddy priest’s role. If you get debuffed, FD immediatelly (it will reset the demon) and let the priest do the Dispel Magic job (be sure you’ve FDed beforehand, otherwise the Dispel Magic will count as an interference and the demon will despawn for a period of time). Considering the two facts that Artorius moves at normal movement speed and that he’s not supposed to get to < 30yd range to you (otherwise it’s game over), it’s obvious that the only way to kill Artorius is via kiting. Since Serpent Sting does multiple damage to him and it even „stacks“ on him, SS (rank 8 or 9, ofc) is your way to go. Pls keep in mind that SS won’t keep your aggro, you need to use Arcane Shot (rank 1 to save as much mana as possible) to keep Artorius’s attention for the duration of the fight and be sure you Arcane Shoot every time it’s on cd (the demon loses aggro very easily). Since Artorius isn’t supposed to deliver you any damage at all, you want to use Aspect of the Cheetah for easier kiting.

The safest spot for Artorius’s transformation is shown at the fig. 2 and 3 (the coords are 58,21). You can easily identify the place by the stone structure that stands nearby. This spot is the safest one for one simple reason – it’s the closest spot to the road where the main part of your kiting is going to happen. You‘ll notice that there are another stone markings at the entrance from the road (coords are 54,26), (see fig. 2 and 3) – might help you with orientation when kiting. Note that it’s important to make the run clear – no getting stuck on trees, signs at the road, avoid running to sharper hills as well – might slow you down resulting in the possibility Artorius catches up to the debuff range. There are several bears and wyverns on the kiting path from the transformation spot to the road, but don’t worry about these, your priest buddy is going to aggro them on himself once you start kiting Artorius (be sure your priest buddy isn’t a dumbass and that he manages to aggro every single mob on the kiting path – you’ll have Aspect of the Cheetah on so any damage will daze you which will most likely result in fail attempt). The kiting path, as well as the safest transformation spot is shown at the fig. 2 (and yeah, the picture is not wrong, the kiting path is really going to be as long).

Fig. 3: The red dot (58,21) in the left picture marks Artorius‘s safest transformation spot. The picture on the right shows a view of the entrance from the road - you can notice the stone markings (54,26); the blue line shows the entering kiting path to the road.

Regarding the kiting itself (as already mentioned above) you’re gonna use two abilities: Serpent Sting (rank 8 or 9) and Arcane Shot (rank 1). In order to shoot while running, you might want to learn the „jump-shot trick“. It’s very simple: while running, jump, when midair turn around, fire an instant shot (Arcane Shot or SS in this case) and then turn back to facing forward before you land. As already mentioned, your aggro-keeping ability is Arcane Shot – always prefer Arcane Shot over SS while kiting – better to make the fight a bit longer than losing aggro and starting over. Since you’ll most probably spend some time waiting for Artorius to show up, you can practice kiting / jump-shooting on the nearby bears / wyverns meanwhile. Ofc, since any of these won‘t cast Demonic Doom on you, you can’t track the proper (> 30yd) distance from your kiting target (and yeah, I’ve checked on the internet if there is a dynamic range tracker addon for vanilla – there isn’t), but you can at least memorize the right kiting path (so you don’t panic while kiting Artorius) and mainly, practice jump-shooting.

In terms of the beginning of the fight, you want to set a Hunter’s Mark on Artorius as well as set down your Frost Trap. Do not forget to mana up at this point! Open the fight with Aimed Shot and slow him down with Concussive Shot – slowing Artorius down gives you few extra Auto Shots – keep in mind that everything counts. Do not forget to set your Aspect of the Cheetah before you pull so you don’t waste your mana on switching Aspects during the fight.

There is one important fact to notice: Do not use Tranquilizing Shot (even though it calms Artorius down from Demonic Frenzy) at all for two simple reasons: Since you need to stay outside Demonic Doom range anyways, you don’t care much if he’s enraged or not because he’s not supposed to deliver you any damage at all. Tranquilizing Shot would just waste your mana during the fight – and as already mentioned – this fight is gonna be not only about kiting, but about mana-control as well. As you might have noticed, Demonic Frenzy dispels all magical, disease and poison effects from the caster, including your Serpent Sting – that means you want to let Artorius re-enrage during the fight as least as possible – you don’t want to wear of your Serpent Sting from Artorius by using Tranq Shot – it’d be „double-mana“ waste. (There is one more thing why I think it’s actually effective to keep Artorius enraged, but it’s only my guess so do not rely on it – I’m gonna do some research about this yet, so I’ll update with more precise info asap. Demonic Frenzy multiplies Artorius‘s physical and spell damage so if you actually Serpent Sting Artorius while frenzied, his Stinging Trauma (which he casts on himself upon being hit with SS and which causes nature damage) should stack with his frenzy bonus and so he should just do shitloads of damage to himself this way.)

You may have already noticed that Restorative Potion dispels Demonic Doom debuff. Ofc, you might use it during the fight in case Artorius gets into the casting range and debuffs you, but keep in mind that Restorative Potion shares cooldown with Major Mana Potion which you’ll definitelly need to keep your mana up during the fight. For that reason I do not recommend using Restorative Potion at all, but keeping the fight smooth and clear. My best recommendation here is: practice and don‘t let get yourself debuffed!

There is one more thing worth mentioning – your Imp Serpent Sting talent. If you feel like the fight is unbearably long, feel free to respecc, but imho, Artorius is easily doable without that so it‘d be only wasting your gold for double-respeccing.



  • Since the other three fights are melee and/or require you to apply Wing Clip, it’s necessary to equip 2H weapon to not miss your melee attacks at all.
  • For the same reason do not forget to skill up your melee weapon before you dare to challenge the following demons.
  • My recommendation here is: since you’ll get Lok'delar, Stave of the Ancient Keepers after finishing your epic quest, feel free to enchant your melee weapon with Demonslaying, trust me, it’s gonna save your ass when fighting Simone :P



Location: southwestern area of Silithus (respawn spot is at 24,76), (see fig. 4 for Solenor’s roaming area)

Solenor’s abilities / weaknesses:

Enrage - Solenor’s enraged ONLY ONCE after the first transformation (see tactics below for furhter explanation)

Dreadful Fright
- causes 570 to 630 shadow damage and fears for 5 seconds duration
- castable range 60yd
- instant cast

Creeping Doom
- summons Solenor’s guardians, Creeping Dooms (little scarabs), for 240 seconds duration
- they move slowly, but hit hard
- instant cast

vulnerability to Wing Clip - causes him Crippling Clip, immobilizing him for 30 seconds



Used skills / abilities:

  • Aspect of the Hawk
  • Wing Clip (rank 3)
  • Aimed Shot, Multi-shot, Auto Shot, Serpent Sting, Rapid Fire, ... just everything you got – you‘re gonna burn the hell out of this one
  • Volley (rank 2 or 3, depends on your mana pool) – for dealing with the scarabs
  • Hunter’s Mark
  • opening traps: Frost Trap, Explosive Trap (explained below)

Recommended assistance from: a warlock

Fig. 4: The orange line shows Solenor’s roaming area, the red dot (26,88) marks the safe spot for both transformation and fight itself.

Background & Tactics:
Solenor wanders the area in southwestern part of Winterspring (see fig. 4), bordered by Twilight Outpost from the west, by Hive’Zora from the north and by The Scarab Wall from the southeast, in his gnome male form as Nelson the Nice. The trick to down Solenor is to use your Wing Clip (rank 3) which immobilizes him for 30 seconds and then just burn the hell out of him. Well, it’s not that simple at all. He spawns little scarabs which although they move slowly, they hit pretty hard – you don’t need to kill the scarabs at all – so you’re gonna „dance“ around immobilized Solenor and kite the scarabs around. Even worse Solenor’s ability is his Dreadful Fright which fears you and deals you alot of shadow dmg – be sure to wear a Greater Shadow Protection Potion 2 mins prior to pull and keep in mind that most probably you’ll need to use one more during the fight. The worst ability is his fear because you can bet that at some point he will fear you right into the group of his little summoned guardians which will tear you apart within few seconds. So, if you wanna make this easy and I mean super easy, bring a warlock with you. You guys‘ll stay in a duel for the whole duration of the demon fight and your buddy warlock will just keep Curse of Recklessness (rank 1) on you (he’ll need to re-apply once or twice during the fight, depends on the duration) – this will make you fear-immune. Since it’s a debuff, it’s not considered as interfering into the fight, so dw, no, it won’t spawn The Cleaner and won’t blow you guys up. Be sure your friend dismisses his pet, just in case, and he doesn’t touch the demon or the scarabs at all.

Don’t forget about one of the general rules here – you’ll need to Wing Clip Solenor – be sure you use 2H weapon and that your skill with the weapon is high enough to not miss at all.

There is one huge safe area for the fight and that is at the Gates of AQ (see fig. 4 and 5). Solenor (or rather Nelson) even makes his stop there so you can easily transform him and prepare for your epic fight. You can notice that when you transform Solenor to his demon form he’s enraged (red colored). There is a simple trick to wear off his Enrage (via Frost Trap) and there is one important thing – once you calm Solenor down, he WON‘T gain the ENRAGE after resetting (via FD or just via running out of the aggro range) during his 15 minute spawn timer AGAIN. So you’ll do following: lay down your Frost Trap, aggro Solenor and let him run over the trap – you can notice that his Enrage wears off. Now you can just FD and prepare for your scarab-dance show off.

Fig. 5: The red dot (26,88) marks Solenor’s safest transformation spot; the purple dot shows your positioning; the green dot marks one of the possible warlock‘s positionings and the blue line shows your whole „dancing“ area.

Now comes just the right time to drink your Greater Shadow Protection Potion (and be sure you have one more in your bags ready to use during the fight) and position yourself and your buddy warlock (see fig. 5 for the right positioning) – there is shitloads of space to „dance“ around Solenor, so dw, just be sure you don’t leave the duel area during the fight. Buff up, iniciate the duel and let the lock put Curse of Recklessness (rank 1) on yourself. Put Hunter’s Mark on Solenor and lay down Explosive Trap (helps you clearing the first wave of annyoing scarabs), mana-up ofc! Open the fight with Aimed Shot and once Solenor gets into melee range, Wing Clip him (it will immobilize him for 30 secs), strafe aside (so you don’t get dazed), run outta the melee range and start burning him down. Be sure to avoid all the scarabs, you’ll have to kite them around immobilized Solenor, but dw, they move really slowly. Don’t be afraid to use Rapid Fire, Serpent Sting, ... just anything to burn Solenor down as fast as possible – he does alot of shadow damage you can’t possibly avoid so you wanna make the fight as short as possible. But be sure to conserve your mana for next Wing Clip, you’ll definitely need it. If you feel like you might get overwhelmed by the little Creeping Dooms, use your dynamite and feel free to Volley (rank 2 or 3, depends on your mana) them as well. Just don’t let them to get to yourself – they’ll swarm you within few seconds. When Solenor frees from Crippling Clip, let him come to melee range (but be sure you still avoid all the scarabs), Wing Clip him again and repeat the procedure till you burn the motherfucker down.

Note that this fight is kinda individual – it’s hard to predict whether you‘re gonna need to replenish your hp or mana (or both :P) – be sure you bring just enough of both of these potions (or bring rejuvenations instead). Don’t be afraid to use bangades during the fight as well – no cd sharing with other consumables and you’ll have just enough time to make a stop before slow scarabs can reach you.

Three little tips finally:

  • Silithus is overwhelmed by farming raid groups all the time so it shouldn’t be a problem to find a priest, druid and a mage – don’t intend to spare your gold here and just pay for their sweet buffs if none guildie buffers are available, you might get in some serious trouble if you came unprepared.
  • There is a graveyard really nearby the above mentioned safe spot where you‘re gonna fight Solenor, so don’t worry about running across the whole Silithus upon dying. (I’m not telling you to die here, keep in mind that it’s always better to FD than die, only some solace from me :P)
  • Don’t let your buddy warlock go afk for a smoke during the fight, he’ll definitely need to re-apply the Curse of Recklessness on you once or twice!



Location: southwestern part of Burning Steppes (respawn spot is at 25,65), (see fig. 6 for Klinfran’s roaming area)

Klinfran’s abilities / weaknesses:

Demonic Enrage
- Klinfran enrages every 15 seconds, increasing his attack speed by 15% and all physical and spell damage by 300%
- when enraged, he hits for approximately 1200 damage (2400 crits)
- upon enraging Klinfran dispells all magical, disease and poison effects on him (e.g. Scorpid Sting)
- instant cast
- turns Klinfran red

vulnerability to Scorpid Sting and Tranquilizing Shot - calms Klinfran down from Demonic Enrage (note that upon hitting Klinfran with highest rank of Scorpid Sting, he casts Entropic Sting on himself which reduces his damage dealt by 350%, so Klinfran will deal only 1 dmg per hit – so no, it’s not optional – just be sure you use Scorpid Sting here)



Used skills / abilities:

  • Aspect of the Monkey
  • Scorpid Sting (rank 4)
  • Wing Clip (rank 2 or 3, depends on your mana pool)
  • Scatter Shot (if needed, explained below)
  • opening trap: Frost Trap

Recommended assistance from: none

Fig. 6: The orange line shows Klinfran’s roaming area; the red dot (26,51) shows the safest spot for both tranformation and fight itself.

Background & Tactics:
Here come’s the first pure melee fight! (So, don‘t forget about that 2H weapon rules mentioned above.) But don’t worry, Klinfran is super-easy if he’s dealt with properly. There is just one unfortunate fact about this fight – the only viable safe spot for Klinfran‘s fight is nearby the frequented road which leads to Blackrock Mountain, so you’ll probably meet alot of dickheads screwing with your attempts. But do not let yourself get discouraged, think of the sick rewards that await you upon completing the epic journey!

Klinfran the Crazed (or Franklin the Frinedly in his neutral form) roams a rather small area in southwestern part of Burning Steppes (see fig. 6) in his human male form. You’ll literally use only two abilities during the fight: Scorpid Sting (rank 4, to calm Klinfran down) and Wing Clip (rank 2 or 3, to get outta melee range to easily re-apply Scorpid Sting) and repeat. I’ll leave the decision whether to use Wing Clip rank 2 or 3 to you – depends on your mana pool, on your buffs, on the dmg of your melee weapon which affects the duration of the whole fight, ...).

There are three important facts about this fight you should be aware of, if you can control those well, the fight will become a piece of cake. First, when you Wing Clip Klinfran, be sure you strafe sideways to avoid turning your back to him so that you can‘t get dazed. The second one is good timing – don’t let Klinfran enrage while in melee range – I can imagine what might happen – Klinfran enrages in melee range, you might panic and turn your back to him when Wing Clipping, you get dazed and then it could likely end up as game over. That is, unless you are ready for it. If that sort of thing happens, just Scatter Shot him and run from melee range to re-apply your Scorpid Sting and continue your „rotation“. I’ve got two little tips about the timing: use Barbarous Blade, it’s 3.20 attack speed fits just fine to claim exactly three white melee hits on Klinfran before Wing Clipping him and safely reaching your range before Enrage (don’t use Raptor Strike, neither Mongoose Bite – you want to preserve your mana as much as possible) and use timer addons (e.g. SHunterTimers or Chronometer – will be discussed in the addons section yet, but feel free to contact me anytime for any info) to keep an eye on your Scorpid Sting / Wing Clip duration. Note that Klinfran won’t enrage immediately after your Scorpid Sting wears off – Scorpid Sting only calms Klinfran down when already enraged, it doesn’t prevent him from enraging at all – so don‘t assume the timer for Scorping Sting the same as Enrage timer. The third important point is implied directly by the forementioned information above – since Scorpig Sting only works as a „calmer“, don’t apply it before Klinfran enrages – it’d be only wasing your valuable mana.

Safe spot for both Klinfran’s transformation and the fight itself is located at the road that leads to Blackrock Mountain. You can clearly recognize the place by shallow, but quite large crater aside the road (coords are around 26,51, see fig. 7 as well). Once transformed, put your Hunter’s Mark on Klinfran, lay down Frost Trap (so you can kite him around in the beginning of the fight and can deal him some extra dmg with several free Auto Shots). Refill you mana and open the fight with Aimed Shot. Kite Klinfran around your Frost Trap and once it’s about to wear off (keep an eye on your timer addon if you have one), Scorpid Sting him, jump in melee and apply the tactic descibed above -> if none interferes -> free kill. Since it’s pure melee fight and it’s well known that we, hunters, aren’t good melee dmg dealers, :D don’t forget to use your Major Mana Potions and/or Demonic / Dark Runes during the fight – it’s gonna be long one.

Fig. 7: The red dot (26,51) shows Klinfran’s safest transformation spot; the purple dot marks your positioning for the pull; the blue line shows the whole safe fighting area.

Note that once Klinfran is calmed down by Scorpid Sting (rank 4), he hits only for 1 dmg, so if the fight is done properly, you don’t have to care about your hp at all.



In the following text I’m gonna describe a bit different tactic for Simone than I believe Blizz meant the fight to be done. I have tried the verified Blizz tactic, but it didn’t work for me well so after three unsuccesfull attempts, I’ve decided to think of another tactic and it worked for me just fine – one-shoted the bitch this way without any problems at all.

Also note that the tactic described below doesn’t require any additional CC for Simone’s Precious so you don’t need to waste your gold / spend time farming Dust Devils in Westfall for Magic Dusts or using Goblin Rocket Helmet (engineers only ofc) at all.

Location: southwestern area of Un’Goro Crater (respawn spot is at 34,41), (see fig. 8 for Simone’s roaming area)

Simone’s abilities / weaknesses:

she‘s acompanied by her elite felhunter, Precious the Devourer - melee attacks only, but hits hard (for approximately 200 – 250 damage per hit), (needs to be CCed / killed prior to Simone)

Temptress‘ Kiss
- reduces ranged attack power by 1400 for 45 seconds
- instant cast

Chain Lightning
- deals approximately 800 nature damage (reduced to approx. 200 with Aspect of the Wild on)
- 1.5 seconds cast time

vulnerability to Viper Sting - silences Simone, preventing her from casting Chain Lightning


(Note that the tactic below doesn’t count with using Swiftness of Zanza, so if you go for it, just skip the Aspect of the Cheetah and put on Wild (to ease possible nature damage dealt from Simone’s Chain Lightning during kiting Precious – but there shouldn’t be any – you should be fast enough to not let her cast the spell at all) / Monkey (to avoid possible melee hits from Precious while kiting him – but there shouldn’t be any – keep in mind that any hit from behind can daze you, so it’s always better to keep the kiting clear and smooth).)


Used skills / abilities:

  • Hunter’s Mark
  • opening trap: Freezing Trap

for kiting Precious:

  • Aspect of the Cheetah
  • Serpent Sting (rank 8 or 9)
  • Arcane Shot (rank 1)

for downing Simone:

  • Aspect of the Monkey / of the Wild (explained below)
  • Viper Sting (rank 3)
  • Wing Clip (rank 2 or 3)
  • Raptor Strike (rank 8)
  • Mongoose Bite (rank 4)

Recommended assistance from: a hunter (really just recommended, not necessarily needed for the tactic described below, as in previous cases)

Fig. 8: The orange line marks Simone’s roaming path, the red dot (30,46) shows the safest transformation spot, the blue line shows your Precious kiting path, the green dot (25,50) marks the safe spot for fighting Simone.

Background & Tactics:
Simone and her Precious roam the huge area in southwestern part of Un’Goro Crater (see fig. 8) in their neutral form as female troll and a lil white wolf puppy... they’re really, uhm... inconspicuous. As I’ve already mentioned, I’m gonna cover the tactic that actually includes killing Precious prior to Simone here. The only possible way to do so is via kiting Precious, similarly to Artorius in Winterspring, so you don’t get hit by Simone‘s Chain Lightning during the kiting at all and so you can jump in melee immediately after killing Precious and use everything you got to down that demon bitch.

Even though it sounds unlikely that you might find a place like this in Un’Goro Crater, there is a quite big safe area for kiting Precious (and consecutive fighting Simone). This site is located by the three lakes in the western part of Un’Goro Crater – coords for the transformation safe spot are 30,46 and coords for the safest spot to fight Simone are 25,50 (see fig. 8 and 9). Kiting path for Precious isn‘t gonna be a straight one like when kiting Artorius, but you‘re gonna kite him around one of the above mentioned lakes (to be exact, the middle sized one), (see fig. 8 and 9).

Fig. 9: The red dot (30,46) shows the safest transformation spot, the purple dot shows your positioning for the pull, the blue line shows your Precious kiting path (it’s gonna take you several rounds around the lake) and the green dot (25,50) marks the safe spot for fighting Simone.

Just now I’ve briefly clarified your positioning so we can go to more specific tactic. First of all, let me explain your hunter buddy role (if you bring one). Since Simone casts nature damaging spell, it’s recommended to postition a hunter (in FD with Aspect of the Wild on) near the spot where you‘re gonna fight her (coords for Simone fight are 25,50, see fig. 8, 9 and 10 as well), so you can use your Aspect of the Monkey to avoid as many melee hits as possible. But as long as you‘re gonna kill Precious prior to Simone, Aspect of the Monkey isn’t neccesity, bacause her melee hits are not gonna be a big deal for you (you should more worry about her Chain Lightning, only Precious hits hard on melee). So, in case you’re gonna come alone, I recommend to put Aspect of the Wild after downing Precious because, tbh, I don’t trust you’re gonna ace the tactic so you don’t get hit with the Chain Lightning at all and in this case, you‘re gonna appreciate you have Wild on over Monkey. Let me add two notes here: If you bring a hunter buddy, be sure you guys are in a group so you get his Aspect of the Wild bonus, but be sure you’re not in a raid group, you wouldn’t be able to loot Simone after killing her xD. It’s probable that your hunter buddy will die from FD due to the duration of the fight so be ready to switch Monkey for Wild if that happens.

Fig. 10: The green dot (25,50) marks the safe spot for fighting Simone, the brown line shows the whole available safe area for your movement during the fight.

To start the fight properly, you don’t only need to transform Simone and her Precious at the right spot, but you also need to make sure you manage to Freeze Trap Simone and not Precious  (if that happens, just FD and start over). Here’s the trick to trap the proper one – you‘re gonna go right against what Blizzard’s original intentions of the opening of the fight were. The original tactic indeed involves Freeze Trapping Precious, which is possible due to the fact that immediately after aggroing, Simone makes a stop to cast her Chain Lightning and so Precious runs ahead of her and of course triggers the trap. But you’re gonna make it the exact opposite. First of all (and this applies for all the Simone’s possible tactics), be sure you drink your Greater Nature Protection Potion 2 mins prior to pull so that you can use your potion cooldowns immediately when needed (and be sure you‘ve got one more Greater Nature Protection Potion in your bags, most probably you’ll need to re-apply during the fight). At the beggining, put Aspect of the Wild on, you‘re gonna switch to Cheetah after a few seconds, but you need to make sure you don’t get dazed by Simone’s first Chain Lightning cast. Lay down Freezing Trap, set Hunter’s Mark on Precious (mana-up!) and open the combat with Aimed Shot. Immediately Concussive Shot him, so that Simone gets ahead of him and grabs the trap even though she makes the stop for her first cast. Here’s the moment when you’ll most probably get hit by her Chain Lightning, so be sure you don’t have Cheetah on yet. Serpent Sting (rank 8 or 9) Precious, Arcane Shot (rank 1, just to keep aggro) him and after Simone steps on your Freezing Trap, put Cheetah on and start your Precious kiting path, using Serpent Sting (wait till it wears off before re-applying, it doesn’t have any additional effect like on Artorius!) and Arcane Shot to keep aggro. Keep in mind that concerning Arcane Shot, here applies the same as in Artorius fight – use Arcane Shot every time it’s on cd, you don’t want to lose aggro and start over. What makes Precious kiting much more simple than Artorius is the fact that you don’t need to care about your range much – just be sure you don’t get on melee range so you don’t get hit and so dazed. Preserve your mana during the kiting – wait for Serpent Sting to wear off before re-applying, you’ll need as much mana (and hp as well ofc!) for the Simone fight as possible. As already mentioned, your kiting path is gonna take several rounds around the middle sized lake (see fig. 8 and 9), but don’t worry, there are no mobs to aggro if you keep your steps just tight to the lake shore. After Simone breaks from your Freezing Trap, she’s gonna rush after you, but since she makes a stop everytime she performs her Chain Lightning cast and you run really fast with your Aspect of the Cheetah on, she won’t ever reach you so you don’t have to worry about getting dazed at all.

Once Precious is down, switch immediately to Simone and Arcane Shot her to keep your aggro. Immediately after that Viper Sting her to silence her, switch Aspect of the Cheetah for Monkey / Wild (depends if you bring a hunt buddy or not) and start positioning yourself to the safe fighting spot (coords are 25,50, see fig. 8, 9 and 10 as well). If Viper Sting wears off during positioning, re-apply it immediately. I recommend to use one of the timer addons here (and not only here...), (e.g. SHunterTimers or Chronometer – already mentioned in Klinfran section) to keep a track about your Viper Sting duration. You’ll need to move a bit during Simone fight to be able to get outta melee range after Wing Clipping her to re-apply Viper Sting so don’t think that postioning to the proper spot doesn’t matter – it does – if you don‘t position yourself right, you might end up aggroing one of the mobs around the lake which would most probably mean game over for this attempt. As I‘ve already mentioned, I’ve one-shoted her with this tactic so I can’t say what happenes if you actually down Precious, but do not manage to kill Simone – my guess here is that Precious won’t respawn so it might be possible to kill them separately (FDing after killing Precious, health/mana up and then simply melee Simone down). So if any of you guys feel like doing some research about this when hunting for Simone’s Head, I’ll be glad to hear from you so that I can add some more precise information here.

After positioning yourself and Simone, run in melee and use everyting you got on her (i.e. Raptor Strike, Mongoose Bite). Anytime your Viper Sting is about to wear off, Wing Clip her, run out of the melee range, re-apply Viper Sting and run in melee again – and repeat the „rotation“ till she’s dead. Every 30 seconds, when you have your Scatter Shot ready, you can just wait till Viper Sting wears off and till she starts to cast her Chain Lightning – interrupt the cast with Scatter Shot, run from melee range, Viper Sting her again and repeat above described tactic. If you’re low on hp, you might want to use that time when she’s disorientated by your Scatter Shot to bandage yourself as well.

Since this fight is gonna be tight on both, health and mana, don’t forget to bring all recommended consumables and be sure you time re-applying Greater Nature Protection Potion just right – always make sure which consumables share cooldowns and try to manage popping them just right – you don’t want to end up dead with full mana or conversely, dying due to low mana and therefore inability to apply needed abilities at proper time.


Alright, I hope I’ve convinced you about the relevance of proper buffs / consumables and mainly about applying the proper abilities (of the recommended rank!) at the proper time, i.e. about the right tactic. But if you’re impatient to wait for the demon to hit the right safe spot on his path and you think you don’t have to care about proper positioning at all, you’re totally wrong here. I’ll explain a little example of how just a slight deviation in the positioniong of the spot of the transformation of the demon may complicate your smooth pull – and I’m not even talking about a situation when wrong positioning causes you to pull unwanted mob attention in the middle of the fight – in most cases this means another wasted attempt.

For the correct spot where to safely make Solenor transform and also where to fight him afterwards take a look at fig. 5. For comparison, take a look at fig. 11 which shows one of the wrong transformation spots. You can see that in the fig. 11 Solenor was transformed only few yards from recommended spot (wrong spot marked as red cross, proper spot marked as red dot) – and those few yards caused a complication at the moment of the pull. When the demon was pulled by the hunter to the safe „dancing“ area, the demon got reset (see fig. 11 – orange arrow). In my opinion it was due to the pillar that was limiting the demon‘s line of sight, causing a reset. The solution here was pulling the demon up to the ramp, through the right safe transformation spot (see fig. 11 – purple arrow). After pulling him that way the rest of the fight continued just fine.

Keep in mind that it’s better to wait for the right positioning than making the demon transform at a totally wrong place from where he’s not downable and you’d waste both the precious demon spawn and gold spent on your consumables.

Fig. 11: The red dot marks the safest spot to make Solenor transform; the red cross shows one of the possible wrong transformation spots. The orange arrow shows the hunter pull path which lead to resetting the demon; the purple arrow shows the solution pull path. For rest of the markings see fig. 5.


Feel free to contact me anytime in-game / on disc for any additional information about this epic quest.


WoWWiki - Artorius the Doombringer
WoWWiki - Solenor the Slayer
WoWWiki - Klinfran the Crazed
WoWWiki - Simone the Seductress

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What an awesome guide, Dhralla! I'm sure it'll be a great help to hunters looking to complete this quest.

It's an epic quest chain, so it deserves an epic guide. You delivered. :)

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Big thanks for the guide. I followed it very carefully and managed to kill most of the demons on my first try!

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Thats just a huge help for all hunters, big thx to you @Dhralla.

Killed Burning steppes one just like was described here, Winterspring one also.

Silithus one was a bit tough without wlock friend but I made it, just used a ramp trick (jumped down the rump) so bugs couldnt reach me, didnt even kill bugs.

Un'Goro - for some reason felhound just charged on me with increased speed after some time during kiting, so I ended up just using Magic dust for CC felhound and nuked the bitch. Took much less time than kiting both. Beware, hound resists the dust frequently. 

Used all consumables listed (shadow and nature protects, restorative pots, elixirs of demonslaying) and Demonslayer enchanted with demonslaying (huh).

Good luck fellow hunters!


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INdeed nice only I have the Onyxion item [Mature Black Dragon Sinew]  but can't see Stoma the Ancient. same with the other Ancient can't talk to them

Anyone knows whats wrong ?

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