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Spam filter needs some love asap !

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Hello, our guild uses Group Calendar, an addon where you can plan/sign for raids. It's an addon widely used by guilds and like many other addons, it transmits information on custom channels, invisible to players. Because addons like this one transmit several lines of text at times, our guild members are constantly temporarily muted. This has to stop since it ruins the whole experience. Can add that we have same issue with posting dps-meters on raid chat or guild chat and even other addons who are using custom channels for data transmisions.

Our suggestion is to leave spam filter as it is ONLY for public channels like General, Trade, Lookingforgroup, Local Defense, Battleground etc. There is no reason whatsoever to need a spam filter for already moderated channels like:


- Guild chat (guild master and officers can dispose fast or mute an eventual spammer)

- Party chat (party leader can kick a spammer)

- Raid chat (again raid leaders can remove spammers)

- Custom created channels (these are channels created by addons or by players who want to communicate in private, therefore no need for filtering)


From Elysium start until now, our guild encountered countless of situations where this spam filter was un-needed and also countless of players frustrated because of this. Please, accept this suggestion and remove spam filter from guild chats, party/raid chats and custom player created channels. Thank you for reading this.

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This post needs more people sounding off about this. The amount of private messages from the gold seller bots grinding the starting areas to hit the major cities has increased very noticeably in the last couple of weeks. The spam filter has been pretty much untouched for several months and needs to be tweaked aggressively. Telling players to use an addon to filter them out isn't going to cut it, as these messages are what contributes to the high incidence of players buying gold thinking it's okay since the Project has done very little to curb their efforts outside of GMs keeping watch when they have the time.

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I believe more in-game GM's are required and I wonder if it would be possible to just democratize being a GM and being able to just level up a toon happily and block/restrict a player that is violating the terms. Since it's SO obvious most of the times when someone is a bot, I don't see why it's so difficult to control.

It ends up worsening the overall experience of other players and corrupting the economy.

In the Burning Crusade times you could in-game report a player and I guess if any particular one gets enough reports it can trigger a red light and a GM/Admin/Moderator could simply kick it out.

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The chat throttle really sucks for item distribution in raiding. Our guild uses a DKP addon and if I'm awarding all but a few persons DKP the addon tries to list every person receiving the DKP, followed by a solid 3 minute mute, during which they have to reply to people asking about their DKP. And if I reply fast enough I get muted again. 

Yes, it can be abused but I think it will be a massive quality-of-life improvement if you can chose which channels it decides to throttle: as mentioned throttling general, trade, lookingforgroup, local defense, battlegrounds, and world would make sense as many people frequently use these.

Practically all other channels can be corrected without server interference.

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