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IMPORTANT: TBC Expansion & More!

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Greetings friends,

Nighthaven & Elysium’s past year and a half has been amazing. With Crogge & Shenna leaving the project and new ownership at Elysium for the past 4 months, we have seen some incredible turn around. Nighthaven has just under 2.5 million characters, and almost 1.1 MILLION accounts.

Many of you have reached out over the past few months for information on our upcoming Burning Crusade expansion realm. The support has been phenomenal! The hype is real between both our wonderful community, and our staff.

We have had countless hours of testing from our QA staff and Nighthaven guilds in preparation for this launch. We certainly would not be where we are now without that dedication.

When we decided to start TBC development, we had one goal in mind: Be the best. So, what does that mean to us?

  • Flawless day 1 launch (Anyone who follows other servers has seen how rough their launches have been the past few months)
  • Realm/server capability of handling over 10k connections
  • 95%+ Quest completion
  • 100% Dungeon and raid completion
  • Dark Portal Event
  • Fully Blizzlike experience
  • No custom content
  • Blizzlike class and gameplay mechanics
  • Ability to transition your characters seamlessly from Nighthaven to TBC
  • 100% working arenas and battlegrounds

Given these high standards we’ve set for ourselves, we have pushed hard to have everything complete by end of Quarter 1 2019 (end of March). This, unfortunately, is no longer a viable date.

We have had some developer IRL issues the past 2 months that saw our main devs go very part time until their lives were sorted. We’ve hired on new people, but it’s a difficult process to find people who are as dedicated to this project as we are. 

That being said, we have recently gained access to some new developers who will be coming on board to assist us in the bulk of what’s remaining (quests and database related issues). These final fixes aren’t difficult - they are simply time consuming.

So, we’re going to push back our TBC release to end of Q2 2019 - released before the summer! Obviously we don’t want to do this, and I would love to launch TODAY - but it’s just not complete, and I don’t think its fair to offer a product that isn’t going to perform to the high standard we set for ourselves. 

That brings me to my next announcement …

Our thought process has gone something along the lines of “Well, we’re in 1.12 on Nighthaven, we’re losing players due to no end game content, and we have no choice but to delay TBC. What’s the solution?”

Then … a booming voice came, seemingly out of nowhere, like SIL himself had entered our voice chat: “FRESH”.

By the grace of SIL, it was decided. 

Lets launch a Fresh Vanilla PVP realm for our community to race to 60, start some new classes, experience FRESH content, incorporate some players from other servers that are closing, form new guilds and new friendships - and once TBC launches, allow the transfer to TBC from BOTH realms if they choose - regardless of patch progression.

“But what about my Nighthaven character? I’ve worked so hard!” - Yes. We know. We 100% agree, and we don’t want you to lose that progress. It will be completely transferrable to TBC upon its launch. Nighthaven will stay online, of course.

Fresh Realm Details:

  • Fast Paced Vanilla (Same patch progression as NH)
  • PVP
  • Launch date: Saturday, March 30th (Mark your calendars!)
  • Name: TBD (Likely we’ll have a player contest to name it!)
  • Elysium/Nostalrius core
  • Monthly PVP Tournaments
  • PVP Battleground Optimizations
  • Transfer to TBC Expansion Realm

During Nighthaven’s infancy, we had some issues with mount costs, and world bosses. We want to stress to everyone that those issues have been fixed and won’t be altered at any time by the staff. 

Yes, we realize Classic is launching sometime in the “summer”. We intend to be in TBC at that time, and anticipate people will still want to play for free, on our truly classic server - not Activision’s business model classic. Time will tell!

I know a lot of you will be disappointed with the TBC delay - but lets keep our chin up, keep playing the game we love, and leave it up to me to whip the devs into shape.

Thanks all!

Administrator, Elysium Project

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Thank you so much Rain for the update from Elysium Project!!

I greatly appreciate all that you and the team do for our Vanilla experience and it has been an incredible time for me and my friends.  IMO it is a GREAT idea to launch a fresh server and I'm excited about the new launch!!  The online Wow die hard players tend to be whiplash prone bouncing to the latest newest thing; while many die hard loyal to the Elysium family (such as myself) want to see YOUR Vanilla stand the test of time.

Is there anything we can do as a community? A fund raiser with a specific goal? Go fund me?  "Free" is not an end all for me. I'd rather help your team with whatever they need esp if you are the primary direct competition to Bliz (Many of us feel betrayed by their destruction of our beloved Wow experience and do not wish to be 'forced' to go back to experience Classic)

We want Elysium to succeed! WE want to be a part of that success

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On ‎3‎/‎7‎/‎2019 at 10:26 AM, Purple Witch said:

Um.... there's been a donation shop set up to take donations for server costs. 

Can you please provide a good link to get there? (I'm not super computer savvy I just love to play the games :)

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Log into the website control panel and click on Buy Coins. Take a look around the shop and see if any of the items interest you~

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3 hours ago, Zancon said:

Log into the website control panel and click on Buy Coins. Take a look around the shop and see if any of the items interest you~

Thank you Zancon! btw I voted on progression exp can't wait till FRESH LAUNCH!!

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