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Consider eventual open transfers from ZK/Ely/Darrow -> Anathema in the future

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Better to merge Darrowshire and Anathema and then survive ~ half of year until elysium hit AQ patch.

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Saying Anathema is in a "okay" state right now is ridiculous, the NA/ EU community will more than likely have died (if it hasn't already?) by the end of the summer without any OFFICIAL announcements of a possible merge with Elysium.

Naxx won't save Anathema.

The only thing that's left to do is wait for Elysium to catch up in the timeline and merge.

The other option would be to let the NA/ EU community on Anathema die out, basically forcing them to either reroll to Elysium or quit the game.

I think it's quite obvious what the right decision would be.

And don't get at me with the "ANATHEMA IS JUST FINE" bullcrap, /trade is empty, /world is empty, even the AH is drying out, there's OBVIOUSLY no fresh players joining any more and the PvP scene died a few months ago (there's 1 WSG up right now), guilds are crumbling and players are quitting left and right.

I'm not claiming it's unplayable as an NA/ EU player but it doesn't take an oracle to tell you we're running into a dead end.

Sorry for the negativity, but I really feel like it should be adressed by the team in proper fashion what the future plans are with Anathema. If there's no merge to look out for, in due time of course - I don't think pushing patches on Elysium is fair to their community - people are going to keep raidlogging or just straight up dissapearing.

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So just found this post; 



With all due respect, this post is full of bs really, I'm not gonna put too much effort into this any more, if you still can't realise Anathema is dying a slow and agonizing death (at least the NA/ EU community) then I'm quite sure that you either simply do not care about Anathema any more or nobody in the team actually plays the server at all.

"any speculation and memes about it's supposed death will only damage the realm and its dedicated community and thus, we will no longer tolerate these sort of posts or messages on our official platforms"

This is a very cheap way of avoiding the discussion, the players see the problems, how come you don't? It looks like you don't want to see them.

I can ASSURE you there's more people looking out for a possible merge in the future than for Naxxramas.

As stated in my previous post, the NA/ EU community is crumbling and has been for a while now. If you really want to make the server more enjoyable and attractive, you'll make a merge happen, there's no other solution really. It blows my mind that you're unable to see that and even go as far as saying a merge is not going to happen ever.

It may all seem quite negative what im dropping out here, but I'm just a worried player who truely appreciates what the team has accomplished so far, and just trying to raise some awareness about the issues of Anathema right now.

It may be healthy during China hours but not NA/ EU, there's no way around that, there's no discussing it. You can act now and try to stop the ship from sinking and stop a lot of players from quitting the game/ server. Which WILL help your project in general, not just Anathema.

Thanks for reading, and sorry for the mistakes I most likely have written down here, I'm quite tired and English is not my mother tongue.

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